They say memories and stories are links to your past – tales to be told and passed down to future generations, linking the old and young with the power of imagination and storytelling.

If that is the case for stories and memories then photographs are windows in time. They allow us to peek back and sneak glimpses of snapshots of the lives of our parents, grandparents, relatives, and even our own selves.

However, the problem with photographs, particularly those from 20th-century cameras, is that now they are pretty much close to wearing and tearing out completely. They are often faded or their structural integrity has failed, leaving them very susceptible to disintegration.

If you have a big stack of old family photos then one of the best and wisest courses of action you can take is to digitize them and get them scanned. This is done through photo scanning services and offers a lot of benefits like:

·        Preservation

Photographs undergo wear and tear over time which causes degradation of the picture quality, fading of colors, and numerous other similar phenomena. Getting pictures scanned via professional services preserves them for the future in an unchanging state and keeps them free of blemish.

Now you can easily look back in time and watch old photos and heirloom moments all without the concern of preserving them or worrying about damaging your precious family photos.

·        Easy Access

Old photos are often hard to copy and thus they are more or less restricted to central family locations or members. The convenience of modern photo scanning service is that they can be easily translated into a format which facilitates instant one-button transmission to other family members.

By getting them scanned, the whole family and kin can now gain access to such precious moments and revisit the past whenever they want.

·        Restoration

One of the major benefits of modern photo services is that many of them offer a photo restoration service too. This applies to both the physical and digital versions of the photo. Using the latest software technologies, they can restore the look of your photo in the digital medium, add colors to it or enhance it in any other way. Old, grainy, yellow, and faded photos will become fresh and lively again, showing the candor and smiles of your parents, friends, and relatives.

Hardcopies of the photos can also be restored. A photo restoration service can apply treatments to them which prevent further degradation and possibly reverse some effects of aging. However, this is rarely done and does not produce as stunning a makeover as the digital version.

Making Use of Old Photos

Now that you have picked out and sorted your old family photos and even gotten them restored from a photo restoration service, what more can you do?

Well, there are lots of options to consider and if used in the correct way, old family photos can provide just the right artistic flair to your house. Here are some excellent options to consider for using old family photos:

1.     Frames

Sometimes, it is best to stick with the basics, especially if the photos are as old as those of your grandparents then why tangle with traditions? The subdued touch can often brings out more elegance and class than any fancy modern idea.

2.     Life Journals

If your old photos have common themes like showing the progression of your grandparents and parents through their life and ages then why not make a life journal?

Show them at different ages at the many pivotal moments of their lives. Splurge on it and make it fancy. Then surprise your aunts, uncles, and parents on their birthdays with their own copy. It makes for the perfect present!

3.     Travel Maps

If your family were keen adventurers and took to the road many times then a travel map attached to all their pictures at many different locations could be a splendid idea. Not only will it look exciting but it will also be a point of interest and a conversation-starter for guests and friends.

You could attempt to carry out your own bucket list crossing trip and visit each of the different locations and then add your own to the map. In this way, it will act as something to connect the memories of both the old and young.

4.     Photo Wall

This one is a bit more ambitious than most other ways to decorate and display your old photos but one which could pay off greatly. People go for textured walls, why not dedicate an entire wall to your favorite photographs?

Have them applied with special sealants and protective applicants which will keep them safe for decades to come. Of course, by choosing this method you forfeit keeping them in your collection passed on but it is a reality to admit that, at some point, the chain of old photos will just become too long to keep around!


There is a lot more you can do with your photographs that can help add a more personal touch to your home. However, digitizing the old photographs has become one of the safest and most effective ways of preserving them.

The advancement in technology now allows you to have a digital collection of your memories that can be accessed anytime anywhere and can be used in any manner you want. You can have them displayed on your shelves and walls, and still have a backup digitally so that your memories remain preserved and you don’t have to worry about your heritage getting damaged.

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