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Sustainable home hacks: eco-friendly ways on how to clean your home - Likeitgirl

Sustainable home hacks: eco-friendly ways on how to clean your home

Conventional cleaning methods may be efficient, but they’re not exactly eco-friendly. In this day and age, it’s very important to think about the environment regardless of what you’re doing. Most think that eco-friendly cleaning tactics are hard and the products expensive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With these methods, cleaning will become a breeze and you’ll be able to get back to your daily tasks in a jiffy.

1. A twist on Cinderella’s old favourite

Too many people try to make their homes as eco-friendly as possible by keeping an eye on the cleaning supplies they use. While this is relevant, and arguably the most damaging element for the environment, they forget about their cleaning “tools”. Namely, we’re talking about your rags, your mops, your sponges, and any other item you use to clean.

So, to stay completely eco-friendly, you want to get items that are made from natural, renewable and reusable sources, or, you simply want to recycle. Use old t-shirts and clothing instead of paper towels and rags. Try to get recycled, unbleached paper if you really do need to use paper towels. Get safe sponges that don’t contain added chemicals within them. Try to get HEPA vacuums, and in general, items that will last for a long time and that can be reused or recycled.

2. Remember what the water gave you

Water is one of the most precious resources on the planet. Life itself came from water, we are over sixty percent water. And yet, we waste so much of it. So, try to be mindful when using it. First, never let the water run for no reason. You either want to use it properly, and if you’re not sure how, catch if with a bucket so you can use it later. For example, when washing your hands – turn the faucet on, wet your hands and soap, turn the facet off, lather up, turn it on again, wash your hands, and turn it off. Use a broom instead of a mop whenever possible, and don’t just soak in a tub for longer than you have to. Essentially, during every step of the cleaning process, try to minimize the amount of water you use constantly.

Furthermore, is your water hard or soft? If it’s hard, you will need to use detergent to clean things, instead of soap. This can lead to the occurrence of soap scum, meaning you need to wash things again. Furthermore, it’s easier to find eco-friendly soap than it is to find eco-friendly detergent. Think about whether you can change this in any way, and if not, try to use the right product for the job.

3. This is a job for…eco-man!

As always, Australia is one step ahead. Since people today are often too busy to clean their own homes, they get some help. If you’re hiring professional services, make sure to find the most eco-friendly home cleaning Sydney based company. You’ll know a professional company is eco-friendly by the materials and products they use.

Hiring someone to clean for you also means that you’ll have plenty of time to do something more important. All you have to do is show the cleaning crew around the house and let them take care of the rest. You’ll go on with your day knowing your home is now moAre eco-friendly, without having to deal with cleaning yourself. This is an especially good choice for those who care about the environment but simply don’t have time to get down to it.

4. My chemical heartbreak

Choose the right products for the job and get rid of anything toxic or hazardous. So detergents, polishes, cleaners, waxes… Many of these chemicals have the terms “toxic”, “danger”, “hazardous”, and the like. You should minimize their use as much as possible (and even get rid of them if you can). First, during the actual cleaning process, some of these can let off fumes and toxins into the air that are ruining your health directly, and that are damaging the environment in the long term.

Try to replace them with eco-friendly products and items. Remember that to dispose of them, you need to follow the proper instructions in order to not harm the environment further.



You, as an individual, are too small to take care of the world by yourself. Luckily, you’re not too small to take care of your home. If we all come together, and each one of us makes sure our homes are sustainable, then we can take care of the world together. Let’s preserve Mother Nature and thank her for what she gave us, and let’s make sure our children can create the same wonderful memories outside that we did. It all starts with you.

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