Surveillance Systems In Public Places: Pros And Cons Involved

People are actually living in a constant threat of the attack from solo gun men to even from suicidal bombers. Just to live a safer life, the companies have presented and installed home security cameras, covering around the house. Then you have another issue arising. What about the field of public surveillance? Should you place cameras in public areas too? Are these cameras an invasion to privacy?

As per the debate on whether Security Camera Installation Philadelphia should take place in public areas, there is a mixed emotion covered. Some individuals will definitely feel more secure with the cameras and others will work out on the privacy part. They might freak out upon knowing that they are kept under serious watch. Now, there are pros and cons to these security cameras, just like any other electronic devices. Let’s just get to know more about that first.


·         Public video surveillance helps in improving public safety. Whenever you install security camera at home, you gain increased home safety. Just in the same way, the main benefit of these cameras in public spaces is also increasing public safety. These surveillance cameras are designed to help you stay safe while shopping, clubbing and even travelling.

·         On the other hand, it is proven that public surveillance cameras help in reducing the crime rate in neighborhood areas, where those are installed. For example, the crime rate in Humboldt Park has reduced by around 20% after cameras were place in public areas. Whenever an individual is aware of the security cameras, the person might be less willing to commit any crime based on the fear of getting caught.

·         Moreover, it is a noted fact that public video based surveillance cameras are designed to help catch criminals. In case the crime is committed in area where public surveillance cameras are installed, then chances of catching the criminal intensifies a lot. It is mainly due to addition of the facial recognition software in those cameras, which has improved quite a bit over the past years.


·         It is a known fact that unfortunately surveillance cameras can be abused quite easily. Sometimes, the information as gathered by the law enforcement can be used as a major blackmailing form.

·         Sometimes, the effectiveness of the public based security camera is highly doubted. While there might have been a great push for the using more public CCTV cameras in areas because of threat of terrorist attacks, it  is always clear that suicidal bomber is not going to be deterred by this fact of having a camera around.

Have to take up your choice:

Even though there are some cons involved with the security camera installment in some of the public places, but the pros are more and can dominant the cons with ease. People have mixed emotions and their thought processes are likely to change quite a lot. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to get in line with the effective uses of public security camera in this regard for your own public safety.

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