Summer is Coming: Prepare Your House’s Exterior

With all the buzz on global warming filling the pages of world media, we no longer only fear winter time, as scorching summers have become equally dangerous. In fact, the high temperatures and accompanying storms means that we have to prepare our house’s exterior for the fast-approaching summer. The alterations you make are sometimes cosmetic and sometimes structural but they have a joint purpose of making your backyard comfortable enough to spend time in. Here are some improvements that you can build before the end of June comes.

Trimming trees

Apart from the heat, another trait of summer weather are violent storms with strong wind gushes. These hurricane-like storms have enough power to rip smaller trees from the ground, not to mention broken branches on larger trees. The latter pose a real danger to your property, as a falling tree branch has the potential to damage roof shingles and even make a hole in the roof. Such violent storms are occurring more and more often, so you have to take preemptive measures.

The best thing you can do is to take a walk around the house and look for any tall branches that are too close to the roof or the power lines. After you have spotted a potential problem, hire a trimming company or climb up the tree yourself (if you’re experienced and the tree is not too high; remember, safety first) to cut the conflicting branches. In this sense, you can even trim an overgrown shrub if it has become a nuisance.

Shielding the woodwork

One material, in particular, is not very resistant to huge quantities of water and that is wood. If you are leaving the house for a couple of days, bring in all the chairs, swings, tables, and other furniture made from wood to protect it. If you decide to leave them outside, they require a protective coat that is used to impregnate wood. Even strong sunlight has the potential to damage wood if it is exposed to it for too long. Repainting the deck, for instance, is necessary before each summer season to preserve it resilience to sunlight.

Treating the façade

Regardless of the type of façade you have on your house, it will take the same amount of battering from the elements as the roof. Furthermore, facades are colored, unlike roof tiles and shingles, so the layer of paint can easily fade when exposed to direct sunlight. These are all reasons to apply cement house rendering to at least the front wall of your house. The granite texture that remains after rendering provides additional protection to the façade of your house, making it effectively weatherproof.

Staying cool

Although ceiling fans are a more energy-efficient solution for cooling your home, most homeowners nevertheless use air-conditioning. If you too own an AC unit and are getting ready to use it heavily during the coming summer, then you need to prepare well. First, check the outside unit and make sure that the fan opening is not blocked by anything. After that, clean the air filter on the inside unit by rinsing it with soap in warm water. The last thing you wish is for the AC unit to pump air full of airborne mold particles inside your home. That is why proper AC maintenance is essential when it comes to summer preparations.

Get the grill ready

There is no time of the year that is better for barbecuing outside than summer. A house party turns into a yard party from July to September and you have to be ready for the party season. Cleaning the grill should be a priority as it is too late to do this days before the party. If you own a charcoal grills then begin the maintenance procedure by emptying the grill and wiping off any dust and similar residue from the grates and the bottom. After this, take a bucket full of hot water, some soap and a brush to scrub the grill from the outside and the inside. After you clean the chemicals using clean water, let the grill dry in the sun before it is ready for use once more.

Washing the windows

A spruced-up garden won’t matter much if you cannot see it from inside the house.  Yes, we are referring to mucky windows that the spring showers have soiled and are in need of cleaning, real bad! Pick up a cloth and a window cleaner to swipe across all the panes. Once the windows are sparkling clean, you can say that the summer preparations are nearing their end.

However, there are many more tasks to complete before you are one 100% ready for summer. That is why you should use every next May to spruce up the garden and prepare it for the summer heat. Once all the preparations are done, you can lay back in the backyard hammock, pour yourself a drink and enjoy a book in the comfort of the tree shade.

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