Alexandrite is fondly known to be the ‘Emerald by Day and Ruby by Night’. In the day light, it reflects a beautiful bluish green color that transitions into red-purplish red under incandescent lights. This effect is called Alexandrite effect. The Russian Alexandrite value is determined by the intensity of color shift in its appearance.

With its unique color-changing abilities, Alexandrite is a rare gemstone belonging to the Chrysoberyl family. It is an official birthstone for June and gemstone for the 55th wedding anniversary.

Properties of Alexandrite

In 1830, Alexandrite was discovered in the emerald mines near the Ural Mountains. Since the discovery was made on the birthday of Tsarist Russian Prince Alexander II, it was named after him. 

Even the story behind the discovery of Alexandrite is quite fascinating. It is believed that miners working in mountains to collect emeralds found a few stones that reflected a beautiful shade of red under the night lights. The same stones were the color of emeralds in the sunlight. The presence of Titanium and Iron contributed to this unique color effect in Alexandrite.

But, this special characteristic to change color caught the attention and garnered the interest of gem collectors throughout the world. Today, natural Alexandrite stone for sale is mined in other areas like East Africa, Brazil, and Sri Lanka as well. 

Benefits of Wearing Alexandrite

Alexandrite is known to balance the physical and spiritual planes using its mystical powers. It is believed to bring good fortune and immense luck to its wearer. The stone not only strengthens your self-discipline but also unleashes the imagination and creativity. It reminds how to enjoy the life with happiness and share love with people around you. 

  1. Alexandrite Brings Prosperity

Since its discovery and recognition, Alexandrite stone has been associated with abundance and prosperity. It is the harbinger of good luck and fortunes. As a symbol of self-esteem, it gives a boost to your self-confidence and raises optimism about your future prospects. 

Alexandrite balances the emotions and thoughts to pacify your soul and to encourage longevity. It awakens the chakras and strengthens the will power to succeed. The stone not only inspires imaginations but also attunes you to your inner self for achieving emotional maturity. 

  1. Alexandrite Promotes Love

It is believed that the possessors of Alexandrite command more happiness and ever-lasting joy in their life. That’s the reason why Alexandrite stone meaning also relates to the emotions of love and romance. People who are jaded or scared to love benefit a lot by wearing this gemstone. It leaves positive impact on your emotional well-being and promotes better appreciation of the people around you. 

Couples facing estranged relationships can strengthen their bond for a long-lasting union by wearing Alexandrite. Since it has a unique color changing ability that exhibits two colors, this gemstone lets you contemplate both the sides of an issue. It links your mind and heart to manifest into enlightened perspectives in life.

  1. Alexandrite Helps in Emotional Healing

Due to its immense balancing powers, Alexandrite harmonizes your physical being with emotional self. It works with your crown chakra to initiate emotional healing based on the energies of love and compassion. Alexandrite is a powerful stone for people looking to intensify their intuition and develop their creativity. 

It is also a great choice for people who find it hard to relax their mind and take a break from their rigid beliefs. Many astrologers relate Alexandrite to the planet Mercury due to its pleasant green color. It is believed that the stone brings positive impact of the Mercury for dealing with poor judgment, confusion, and creative blocks. 

  1. Alexandrite Protects from Harmful Rays

Alexandrite has a unique bond between the lights which makes it a functional element in protection from harmful rays. It is said that this stone can collect negative rays emitted from a source that produces radiation induced harmful lights.

Alexandrite soaks these harmful rays spread in the environment, especially in the broad sunlight. Hence, if you wear a ring made of this stone, it will protect you from the harmful radiation.

  1. Alexandrite Fights Blood Cancer

By inducing the death of cancerous cells in the body, Alexandrite stone fights the deadly blood cancer. It provides an increase in normal and healthy cells in the blood. As a result, the body renews itself with reduced pain. Through effective cell regeneration, it accelerates the self repair capabilities of the body and reduces the cancer damage.

  1. Alexandrite Induces Fast Recovery

In many ways, Alexandrite stone benefits the people for fast recovery from physical ailments. This stone is recommended for people recuperating after a chronic illness or surgery. With an ability to aid the system for fast restoration of internal and physical energies, it promotes timely recovery. 

This stone holds great value for people suffering from chronic disorders. It also helps in curing the afflictions of pancreas and spleen. 

  1. Alexandrite Reduces Hormonal Imbalances

As a powerful stone of healing, Alexandrite controls hormonal imbalance, especially during the menstrual cycle in the women. The stone reduces the impact of physiological diseases resulting from hormonal causes. 

Alexandrite is a special stone that can utilize proteins in the body for regulating digestion and preventing protein deficiency. Apart from hormonal healing, it also enables the metabolism to work faster and to prevent contractions caused by neural diseases. 

  1. Alexandrite Quells Negativity

With its ability to allow a person to feel happiness, Alexandrite helps to fight negative emotions. It promotes secretion of happiness hormones in the body to quell negative thoughts. The worries and confusing state of thoughts cannot remain stable in the mind of people carrying Alexandrite stone. 

Being a powerful stone, it replaces every negative emotion with positivity if you wear Alexandrite regularly. This stone is also recommended for people who suffer from anxiety related to self-esteem. It exudes energies that are reminiscent of the ever-changing reality of your life. 

  1. Alexandrite Promotes Professional Success

If you seek success in your professional career or business, Alexandrite is a wonderful stone to serve this purpose. As per the Vedic astrology, Alexandrite benefits the people struggling with professional stability and recognition. It helps to overcome the obstacles in the path of your success by clearing the mind blocks and invoking positive thinking. 

Prosperity and fame are bestowed on the wearers of this amazing gemstone. Alexandrite not only strengthens the resolve and intuition but also initiates the progress in your chosen professional field. 

  1. Alexandrite Realigns the Mind and Spirit

By opening intuition and using metaphysical abilities, Alexandrite reinforces the emotion, spirit, and clarity of mind. It creates the personal magnetism through strong will power. This stone is known to be a spiritual purifier that allows you to connect with divine knowledge and love. 

You can resonate with spiritual frequencies to grow yourself and share this knowledge with others. When you are in the pursuit of recovery from spiritual or mental blocks, Alexandrite can assist in realigning your spirit with mind.

These are the Alexandrite stone benefits that you can avail of by wearing it in the form of a ring, bracelet, or any other jewelry. However, you need to find and buy 100% natural and natural Russian Alexandrite to invoke these benefits. 

You should rely on a trusted gemstone store like that deals in the high-quality natural stones. They offer a free lab certificate along with detailed videos and free astrological recommendations to help you choose the right gemstone for you.

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