Stretch for 30 minutes daily and live a happy life

Let’s recall our morning routine from the beginning of the day, waking up, going to bath, having breakfast, going to school or work, having lunch, listening to music, returning home after tuitions in the night or directly at night in case of job. Then do your dinner and go to bed. 5 days a week this same routine is repeated without even thinking for a second that we are becoming robots. If you also follow this routine then you will have muscle cramps, hamstring, and other bone-related issues. Your body is stuck in a place for long parts of the day; this makes your body accustomed to one position. And when suddenly one day you move your body a little or try to stretch the muscles it causes pain because you are breaking the inertia of the tissues.

So, what to do?

If you want to do stretching, and that too after a considerable time gap, do it with all great caution so that you don’t harm yourself. Stretch your muscles gently and for not more than 30 minutes, as you continue the flexibility of the tissues will increase then you could do stretching for an hour. But till then be careful and cautious and read the full article to know why does stretching feel good.

Some people give the excuse of not getting enough time for stretching; the simplest answer to such people is that “where there is a will, there is a way”. How is it that you find time to meet your girlfriend, go to a party but you don’t find time for stretching? The most important thing is your priority; 30 minutes can easily be fetched from 24 hours.

How to do it?

There are two distinctions of stretching which are mostly done by people, one is static stretching and other is the dynamic stretching.

Static stretching refers to stretching a muscle to its full extent and then holding it in the same position for 15 to 20 seconds or till the time you can hold. Whereas dynamic stretching refers to the completed movement of multiple parts of the body at a time in the full range of motion, like stretching both your legs and making a scissor, then repeating it 10 to 15 times.

Precautions needed to be taken while stretching your body

Note that stretching in no case should hurt you. There’s a reason why does stretching feel so good. So, experts have come up with some precaution which should be followed so that you don’t land yourself in grave situations:

  • Before starting stretching your body, one thing you must be clear whether you want to do it for just one day or you would continue as a routine. If you are just doing it for a day and from the next day no movement of the body then it will not do any good to you, it’s just a waste of time.
  • Never overdo stretching, some people think of becoming an athlete in one day, a gymnast’s or an athlete’s body is perfectly flexible because they have been doing stretching and many more exercises for years. Suppose you feel pain while holding your leg for 30 seconds, no problem, hold it for 20 seconds.
  • Slowly day by day organically the flexibility of your tissues will increase allowing you to hold it for 1 minute also, so give it some time.

Does stretching only provide flexibility?

The answer is no, stretching is much more than just twisting your hands and legs. It is correct that stretching makes your body flexible, but it also makes you feel happy.

Stretching lowers the stress levels in the body due to the release of Endorphin, a chemical released by the muscles when they are stretched. This Endorphin is the reason why stretching makes you feel good.

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