Stepping Out: 5 Interesting Jewelry Trends to Try in 2021

As we all have heard by now, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And while not everyone is actually that in love with diamonds, jewelry is still nonetheless a great complement to practically any outfit.

In fact, jewelry is so popular these days that it has a global market value of around $300 billion.

From large chain necklaces that express a city slicker attitude to chandelier earrings that imbue Baroque drama, jewelry enriches a designer’s vision. It also furthers the story that they’re trying to tell with their outfits.

And when it comes to 2021, jewelry makers are bringing us some of the most interesting jewelry trends that we have seen in years.

The trends that we’ll go over are guaranteed to make your outfit pop. So whether you’re finally back in the office or doing more virtual meetings, your jewelry choices for this year are really going to help you stand out.

So what are the top jewelry trends for 2021 that you need to know about? We’re glad you asked. So keep on reading and we will take you through everything that you need to know!

  1. In the Bag

A few years ago, the popular and interesting Le Chiquito was first introduced. This was a bag that was so small, all it could fit was a credit card, a driver’s license, and a tube of lipstick. Over the next few years, the bag was designed to be smaller and smaller.

It stopped becoming functional and instead started to become jewelry.

This transformation led to the reimagining of Le Chiquito as gold openwork necklaces and earrings. Many jewelry companies now have various charms and pendants that are in the shape of a quilted bag.

Even purse manufacturers have started making jewelry that resembles their products.

These companies have created a mystique around their inventory of leather products, making them instantly noticeable to people who really pay attention to fashion. And, if you happen to be someone who really loves fashion, then you need to make sure that you get yourself a piece of fashionable accessory.

  1. Life’s a Beach 

During these strange and interesting times, a lot of people are having strong desires to go see the beach. Designers too, are feeling that desire. For this year in fashion, a lot of brands are offering jewelry that is a perfect match for a vacation on the beach or relaxing on a boat.

One brand is making braided multicolored bracelets and necklaces with coffee bean shells and pearls. Another has a theme of a virtual Atlantis, complete with vibrant drawstring bracelets, starfish earrings, and neon chokers.

You can also find beach beads piled onto gold hoop earrings and necklaces.

Lava stone beads for essential oils are also very popular.

It still might be a while before we all can actually to the beach. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t dress for the sand and water.

  1. Drop It Like It’s Hot

If your ears hang low and wobble to and fro, then you are doing 2021 right. From Paris to London, designer labels are coming out with all kinds of earrings that are worth checking out.

For example, one designer displayed mod-inspired earrings made of metal and resin with flower-shaped posts. Another designer came out with beautiful chandeliers made of white beads that look like pearls.

Another designer reimagined their chain-mail dresses into shoulder-grazing earrings.

These earrings help your face pop and can elevate any outfit.

  1. Chain Reaction

It should be pointed out that chains are not a trend. Chains have been in enough collections over several years. At this point, you can pretty much call them a staple accessory.

However, the reason why we are putting chains on this list is that the width of the links is becoming more important for 2021.

From Hermès to Brandon Maxwell to Brunello Cucinelli to Victoria Beckham, chains are all about being big and noticeable. They command people’s attention and are bold and important.

Whether they are paired with a windbreaker or on a flirty silk slip, complementing a sleek top with cutouts, fashion designers show that chains are able to work with practically any style.

And even if we go back to sleeker and more fragile chains, you can rest easy know that large chains are certainly going to be back in fashion soon. Like the little black dress, chains are here for the long-haul.

  1. It’s Hammer Time

You don’t need metal to have a smooth finish in order to call attention to it. In fact, hammering brass, silver, and gold can add some power to simple silhouettes and cohesion to more abstract ones. It is a strategy that has been used for hundreds of years and took the spotlight in 2021 in several big collections.

One designer utilized large chokers and copper earrings in organic shapes. The pieces looked like they were just excavated from some ancient city. Other designers have more modern pieces, adding small grooves and refinements.

The Importance of Knowing About the Most Interesting Jewelry Trends to Try in 2021

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea of what the most interesting jewelry trends are for 2021. As we can see, a lot of trends are appropriate for these new and interesting times. But they are also beautiful and certainly worth experimenting with.

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