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A wedding day is the most important day in every woman’s life. As a future bride, you have to prepare your wedding speech and think on many other things. Below we will give you some tips for planning your wedding.

Talk With Your Fiancé.The first thing when you are planning a wedding is to talk with the future groom. Would you like to have a big celebration or only a dinner for your family and close friends? Make a list of your guests and tell your fiancé and both families to do the same. Later you can add some people or cut them from the list. Don’t talk about the money yet.

Choose The Date and The Venue. When you are planning a wedding, it is not necessary to choose immediately the wedding date, but you should decide in which month or season you want to marry. Later you will have to choose the exact date and the wedding place.

Talk About the Money. When you have in mind how much time you have to prepare a wedding, you can talk with your fiancé about the money you will need. It’s rare that the bride’s parents pick up the whole bill, so it is best that both families contribute. When it comes to a wedding budget, you should write down in your notebook the amount you want to spend on a certain item.

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Photographer. You should get some recommendations from friends before you choose a photographer. Also, you should decide what kind of album you want. Always ask your photographer to see different wedding albums and then you can decide which one you like most.

Music. As a bride, you will probably write a list of your favorite songs. Make sure that musicians that you choose agree to stick to the playlist that you give them. It is also important to hear the musicians before the wedding ceremony. Other option is to hire a deejay and it is usually less expensive.

Décor and Flowers. When you have booked your reception site, you can easily decide on table and other decorations. Of course, you should hire a vendor who will help you in this and all other tasks.


Choose Your Bridesmaids. Now it is time to choose your bridesmaids. Of course, you should give your closest friend or relative the maid of honor position. A good idea is also to include in your bridesmaids a female relative of your groom because it will strengthen family relations. Tell your bridesmaids that all of them will need to commit some time and energy to your wedding planning.

Buy the Gown. Buying your gown is maybe the most emotional moment in the whole process of planning a wedding. You can bring your mom or some close female friend because they will advise you best. When buying a gown you should have in mind your wedding budget. Most brides also rent their wedding dresses. That is, of course, much cheaper option.

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Taming Your Guest List. One of the easiest ways to reduce wedding costs is to cut down some people from the guest list. Remember that you don’t have to invite the whole office. Also, you should invite only people that you see regularly. It is not recommended to dig into your old address book from the past.

Sending Invitations. You should send invitations 6-8 weeks before the wedding day. Your invitation should announce who are the hosts of the wedding and also the wedding place and time.

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Healthy Lifestyle. If you have some unhealthy habits, now it is time to change them. It is recommended to exercise regularly 2-3 months before the wedding. A walk of 30 minutes several times a week will keep you fit and full of energy. You should also take a multivitamin every day and eat healthy food. Also, try to get plenty of sleep because it will boost your immune system and you will feel much better.

Meet Your Hairstylist and Practice Makeup. It is recommended to meet your hairstylist before the wedding and to explain what you really want. It is best to have your hair cut and colored several weeks before the wedding day. Also, you should practice your makeup before the wedding. If you will hire a professional, you should meet him much earlier.

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