Statement belt trends to follow from Kerry Parker

Belts are an indispensable part of life. If your wardrobe lacks a good amount of belts, then it’s a sign that you must invest in this timeless yet efficient fashion item. It is a known fact that any simple outfit could have a makeover of a lifetime with the addition of statement belts. Now depending on the type of belt you choose, drama and definition are added to your overall outfit. That is when the role-play of statement belts come into the picture.

1.    Statement Belt: Scalloped Floral Cloud: This item from Kerry Parker is the upcoming trend of this season. These belts give your outfit an hourglass shape to your belt and thus accentuating more on the waist part of the outfit. This product is a fancier version of the corset belts that is trending. From Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner to Kim Kardashian, this trend has been a huge hit. You can style your outfit with a shirt dress or a corset dress, knee-length boots and Scalloped Floral Cloud belt. You could also try adding over your shirt/blouse along with a long pleated skirt. Throwing it over an overcoat can also successfully give you a very chic look.

2.    Statement Belts: White Leopard Peplum: Peplum belt is another trend that is on the rise. The overall job of this peplum belt form Kerry Parker is to accentuate your waist, giving your body an hourglass shape. It gives your outfit an extra something which is hard to ignore. Add it over a pencil skirt and blouse set with a pair of heels to take your boring office outfit to a girl boss level. You could also try adding it overs a simple A-line dress or a corset dress to give an extra edge to your outfit. Throwing it over a shirt-blouse, along with a set of monotonous trousers and blazers is also a very good boss-lady outfit option.

3.    Statement Belt: What The Stud: Rock the studded look of Sarah Jessica Parker in her role as ‘Carrie Bradshaw’ as you indulge in the world of studded belts. You can’t go wrong with studded belts especially this one from Kerry Parker. Their flexibility to work wonders on any item makes them a classic wardrobe must-have. A stud Belt is like the oxygen mask for an outfit. Without it, your outfit may not look bad but with it, your outfit will seem complete. Add this timeless piece over your favourite LBD or just throw it over your corset dress or an oversized shirt and then add an overcoat. You could also add it to a turtleneck top and pleated skirt underneath, along with some ankle boots to complete the outfit.

The overall agenda is to look your best at the end of the day. Since a person’s dressing speaks a lot about the person’s state of mind, culture, belief system and attitude towards life, adding a few enhancements here and there is all that makes the difference. Fashion isn’t about following the trend lightly, it is also about being brave and bold enough to sport reasonable fashion trends according to one’s style. These statement belts define fashion at its best.

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