Stand On The Cliff And Got A Crazy Click

It was the month of April and we all four friends were filled with utmost excitement and joy that we all are going on a trip. A friend of mine was making tea for my father as we live alone, it was scaring me that how my father will take care of himself when I am not at home. This thought was getting on my nerve and because of it my friend Eliza was refusing to come along.  It happens with every group of friends that one refuses and the others sit with their finger crossed to get her confirmation.

And finally, in all good spirit Eliza somehow managed to say yes to our most awaited trip after graduation.  However, with cheers towards our friendship it is time of knock the doors of a beautiful place called Canada. It was the time of year when my girl gang was at zenith in terms of living blissful life.

The three days of enlightenment we all shared the bitter and sugar experiences which one of the learning gave me a secrete tip that I locked there and then. You must be wondering about what secrete I locked right. You will get to know that later because let just concentrate about fun we all made while travelling to Canada.

How we all said YES!

Every girl gang would agree with this that everyone wants to go on a trip but no one wants to put that effort. In continuation… about the story of yes!

  • Samantha is a person who is busy with her official work and she always tend to ignore personal calls. But she always knew in her mind about the graduation wording that “Next travelling will be planned after we all get settled.” This was the punch she got and said I’M COMING.
  • Clara is my second friend who loves to travel and write with the exuberant spirit it was not that difficult for her to get convinced. But everything depends on her mood. Hence, we all got lucky and she said approved for trip easily.
  • Ella is third friend always thinks a lot about everything and always comes an absolute and accurate solution. With her attitude, we just want a one valid reason to wake her up. What could be better from our reunion plan?
  • Last but very special myself who planned everything to make the best of our travelling time.

What all we did?

Our meet up in Canada made each one of us a person with light heart and so much energetic to which showed in troubled situation to handle.

  • The first place we all visited is to Niagara falls. The most breath taking view grab our attention and there we all enjoyed and get a chance to go inside the depth of water. Not only that we get know about a fun fact f Negara falls. In winters, when we visit in the heart of water that you can skip the sound of plane taking off.
  • It is another mesmerising place Ontario where everyone should visit to get some peace. This was the time where we all shared our grievances and the troubles of our life. In this conversation, one of my friends talked about unsecured loans for bad credit. This was the secret which I got from my friend and I used the borrowing to solve my financial trouble. If you too are struggling because of it then you must seek the help of direct lenders only. The borrowing is available there.
  • This was the last visit we made because it is the hub for students to lead a cool life; Toronto. As we all know this was our last day we visited high cliff and got a picture clicked with the happiest and smiling faces.

A last tribute

Whenever you got chance to visit or travel with your friends then you must do. It is because travelling helps to explore your inner conscious and the same feeling I got in the last day of our trip. However, it is a piece of advice from my side that people should never skip a chance to travel because that helps you to gain some quality and time in the benefit of your purpose.

Keep smiling!!

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