It’s all about spring. After the long cold winter we had, more than ever we feel the urge of getting out under the sun, smell the fresh first flowers coming out, birds singing, and it also means we want to get out there as fresh as roses. We all know that classic spring clean of your house, closets and cupboards. Start the fresh season with a fresher house and somewhere where you feel comfortable and cosy. We ought to do the same with our body! Hidden under all those layers of clothes, scarves and what no. Forced to stay inside and maybe too tired to do workouts as it’s so cold outside and that a warm hot chocolate sounds better than a long walk. Now is the good time to reverse those habits. Here are a few steps, ideas on how to spring clean your body and mind…

1. Start with a juice cleanse

Do you feel tired, lack of energy and unmotivated? Your body accumulates toxins, pollution, stress and other normal things that come from a hectic day out or from work routines. A juice cleanse is the perfect way to let your body take the time it needs to detoxifies itself from all those toxins. It gives your digestion a break and allows for the elimination of accumulated toxins. The energy that is normally needed for digestion is now freed up to heal your metabolism, clear up your skin, give you energy and make you more concentrated. Say goodbye to excess weight and sugar cravings, and hello to skyrocketing energy, radiant skin and overall wellbeing. Detoxing also has a positive effect on your mind and soul. It gives you a chance to get back to your roots, relax and focus on the important things in life. Not only will you feel much better after the cleanse, you will also most likely have the strength to stick to healthy eating habits.

2. Start going out more often and exercising

Going out, for walks, for a long or short run, even if it’s just to walk to your work it’s worth it. Your body and mind will be grateful for that time out in the air. Outside you can think about many things, take this time to listen to music, read a book in a park, go walk the dog or just yourself 😉 It’s time to start exercising again, for those who don’t do winter sports, starting slowly is the best way. A small workout routine could be going out for a walk everyday and for a run once a week (at least 20 minutes otherwise your body doesn’t have time to start burning the right fats.) And DO IT WITH A FRIEND! It’s so much more fun and it will help motivate you too!

3. Wake up early

The sun is starting to shine as the same time we wake up. Drink a glass of water straight away and you’ll see, you’ll be as awake as ever! Try do wake up a bit early, to actually take the time to make yourself a nice breakfast and sit down for at least 15 minutes to enjoy it truly. If you have the energy, go out and walk for a bit or start with a nice yoga flow. It will wake you up in such a nice way, and you’ll feel like you have so much more time for yourself. No need to hurry to take the car or take the train to go to work. A little time before the kids wake up is actually just what you need to start the day in a happy and nice way.

4. Sort out your house and by all means your closet!

The best feeling after a long day at work? Going home to a nice, clean and cosy place (possibly with warm cookies waiting in the oven!). In order to go to that perfect place what you need to do is clean it out. No need for a huge “tossing-out-everything-I-don’t-like-anymore”, neither a very painful descent in the cellar to remind yourself how messy it is. Sometimes you just have to start simple, with a few tips:

  • one thing comes in, another goes out. As simple as that.
  • go in your kitchen and get rid of all the rotten ingredients and things you do not use on a weekly/monthly basis.
  • your wardrobe: take out everything you don’t wear often and store them in a bag or box that you can then leave in the FAMOUS cellar for at least 3 months, if by then you didn’t go once down, just give them away.
  • same applies with your shoes and bags.
  • take a tour in your own house and remove all the bits and bobs that you don’t need, to freshen it up a bit.
  • buy a plant to make it greener and light some candles.

And voilà! Do you feel ready for Spring? We certainly do, even if sometimes it feels hard to change your habits and get out of your own comfort zone, we promise that you will feel better and be as happy as a clam! Enjoy this beautiful months we have ahead, soon it’s summer already! Which means, bikinis, popsicles, palm trees and surfers (wink, wink)!

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