Split Ends are Certainly Not a Girl’s Best Friend!

Let’s cut to the chase and look at what are the usual suspects when it comes to the creation of split ends. They are:

·         Hair colouring

·         Rough handling of hair, especially when wet

·         Heat styling (blow dryers, irons, etc.)

·         Bleaching,

What happens is that strands of hair split into two at the end of the hair shaft, an area which is going to be more prone to damage due to their distance from the scalp.

·         The longer a woman’s hair, the more likely she is to experience split ends.

You will need to go to a professional hairdresser who knows all about what causes them, who can treat your hair, and also give you great expert advice with positive steps on how you can help to avoid them happening again in the future.


Definitely Not a Welcome Sight

Your scalp normally (by way of consuming a good diet) produce certain natural oils which are meant to protect your hair from any type of injury or harm. But as the hair gets longer, the ends will no longer be in contact with these oils, which then leave each strand weaker at the ends than those closer to the head.

After an end splits just a little, it will slowly continue to split along the hair shaft, resulting in damage that can only be treated properly by the removal of the split ends. It’s in your best interests to make sure that you visit Perth hairdressers, who know everything about split ends. These are the people who are experts in everything hair, and have plenty of experience to match.


What to Be Aware of

·         Tools for hair styling such as blow dryers, flat and curling irons are some of the worst offenders for causing split ends.

·         If care is not taken, the high heat can singe the ends of the hair and make them brittle enough to split or fall off.

·         There are some products which can help in limiting damage, just simply ask the stylist for some advice.

·         Bleach is yet another cause and is pretty harsh on the ends of the hair.

·         Bleach permanently changes the hair’s structure, and removes the colour, oils and proteins.

·         Hair which gets bleached can become brittle, if it is not taken care of properly.


Hair Colouring

·         This is not quite as severe as bleach, although it can end up creating split ends.

·         Similar to bleach, low quality colour will have an effect on the hair’s structure, although a simple hair dye won’t normally do it any harm.

·         The chemicals in the colouring depend on the hair’s natural oils to restrict any damage and is why most home hair dyes recommend it to be applied on unwashed hair.

Make sure you avoid exposure to split ends by making good use of a top quality hairdresser in Perth. They will be more than happy to give you the very best advice and give your hair the very best expert treatment it deserves!

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