Some Wallet healthy Tips to save money on Anniversary cake

Today cake becomes the most important thing while celebrating the anniversary. Without a cake anniversary celebration is nothing and of course, an anniversary cake should be swoon-worthy and fashionable in design and taste. These cakes are available in tiers as one tier, two tiers, and three tiers but most of the people go with three tiers so cost also goes high according to tier.

So now if you want to anniversary cake delivery in Bangalore then follow some tips to save money and which will be healthy for your wallet.

Setting per slice guest budget

Before going onward firstly set your overall budget which you want to spend on your anniversary cake and divide it into the number of the guest so you will get the per slice budget on your guests so you will never buy a cake which will cost over it.

Small cake for display

I know you are thinking that if the number of guests is more so don’t worry about it. This is a very good idea that buys a small cake for cutting and display and for serving you can purchase simple and budget savvy sheet cake for your guest. This will cut your extra cost if you serve the same cake to the guest.

Fake foam tiers

This is going to be the best ideas among all because if you really want a bigger 3 tier cake and also wondering if it cost more than you can go for fake foam tiers. Ask your baker to make a fake foam sheet cake. Not all bakers can do this but if you try from online cake delivery services you will get the one. This will save the extra labor cost of a baker so the cost will be less. This will create the exact effect as the real one.

Minimal Decoration and simple Designing

Keep the cake decoration and designing as simple as possible.  Because cake cost depends on how much time a baker spend on decorating a cake. So costs will be less for less labor time. Use simple patterns and avoid heavy metallic dealings, avoid unique shapes. Don’t go for any over toppings and filling. Using DIY cake toppings and real flowers you can save a lot of money on the anniversary cake.

Use Home resources for cake Display

A baker always adds the cost of a fancy cake stand and generally which is not required for display. We can use a table and decorate that with own our own. Use a table cloth and spread flowers on the table for a perfect natural display. You also can use your wedding photos and some old photos to display your memories which will add some extra happiness in celebration of the moment.

The wasting a cake is not a good idea

This is also a good idea if you are anxious about your budget because of these days after celebration generally people waste cake by lapping it on faces and through it on one another. It is not a good idea so don’t waste cake on these activities.

Choose money-saving flavors

Always go for buttercream flavor instead of fondant cake because fondant cake is costlier than a normal buttercream cake. You can also use fondant cake as a display cake but serving a cake use normal buttercream cake.

Cut a bit per slice

You won’t believe small pieces of cake that are going to serve to the guest can save how much money on a cake. Use a few small pieces of cake although you can give another one if anybody demands it.

So these are some budget savvy tips which will keep your wallet healthy and you can cut some cost when you order a anniversary cake. So happy wedding anniversary.

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