Some Of The Helpful DIY Methods For Clearing Blocked Drains

Blocked drains are the most common type of plumbing issue that every household experiences across the world. The blockage in the drains may strike when it is least expected and hence it is necessary for you to be prepared to deal with such plumbing errors efficiently whenever it occurs. If the blocked drains are left untreated it may cause water leakage from drains and may potentially damage your property and business facility. So, for you help here are some effective options for Clearing Blocked Drains.

Boiling Water

Blocked Drains

The quick fix for blocked drains is boiling water. You need to pour a pot of boiling water into the blocked drain which will dissolve or loosen the blockage without any drastic measures and this will restore the flowing of water into your drainage system. If the drainage system has PVC pipes ensure to use hot water instead of boiling water. You can also use liquid toilet cleaners to get the pipes disinfected so that there is no smell or dirt retained inside.

It is very easy and simple to prepare natural drain cleaner at home using the baking soda and white vinegar. You need to pour this natural cleaner into the clogged drain and cover the drain for some time to prevent solution from bubbling out of the drain. You will see a chemical reaction between the solution and oxygen which will scour the interior of the pipe, thereby Clearing Blocked Drains efficiently. Repeating the process for few minutes will permanently clear the blocked drains. After clogged drain is clear plush water for few minutes so that the residue will be removed by the pressure of water. Along with vinegar, people also use lemon to cleanse their toilets and the kitchen pipes. Wet and dry vacuum used at home can also be immensely helpful if you want to go for clearing your blocked drain.


With the use of the plunger one can effectively clear the clogged drains as it is effective in clearing the clogged toilet. But you have to ensure covering all the overflow spouts prior to plunging so that you get the ultimate seal for perfect cleaning. The plunger creates up and down pressure and this helps in loosening the blockage and this makes the pipe to flow again smoothly. Plunging us considered very effective for unclogging the solid drain blockage, but it will not be effective for grease build-up on pipes or any mineral deposits.

Blocked Drains

Hydro Jet

Hydro Jet, as the name suggests, forces a stronger stream of water through the clogged drains or pipes. This is the most effective method for Clearing Blocked Drains than other chemical solutions. But you will not find satisfying results for solid blocked drains. Hydro jetting is safe and can be done yourself without professional assistance, but for effective results you must consider hiring the services of professional plumbers. However, while using the hydro jet, people should not use acids mixed with water, as this can lead to the corrosion of the pipes.

Caustic Cleaner

The retail stores comprise a variety of caustic cleaners or caustic drain cleaners and these cleaners are capable of dissolving food, hair and grease build-up and other common blockages in the drainage system. But, they are quite harmful to your health and also for the environment. Plus, the caustic cleaners are not very effective for the solid blockages. While using the caustic cleaners ensure to cover your face and hands and flush the pipe properly with water after cleaning to remove the lingering chemicals.

Blocked Drains

So, these were some of methods that you may use for Clearing Blocked Drains. It is always a smart choice to hire the services of professionals for cleaning the clogged drains rather than doing it yourself.

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