Many experienced travelers who have ditched their companion and ventured out alone describe solo travelling as a truly enlightening, almost religious experience. With no one to consult with and follow along, the solo traveler has the opportunity to enjoy total freedom when visiting a new destination. Also, it gives the traveler the chance to indulge in the experience fully. However, solo travel has its downsides too, from having to take extra safety measures, to the eventual feeling of loneliness creeping up. Nevertheless, with a little preparation and a positive attitude, everything will certainly go according to plan! If the country of Australia is your next dreamy destination, then rest assured that it is going to be a safe travelling experience, even if no one is venturing on the trip with you. So, why should one decide to go solo when visiting Australia, and what are the best tips and tricks in such a case? Grab your coffee, tea or glass of wine and read on.

1. Why choose Australia for a solo adventure?

The very first question which might pop up in a curious traveler’s head is why Australia is so amazing for solo traveling. Firstly, the country is known for its top attractions and picturesque views. Above all, its natural beauty will astound every solo traveler, no matter the age or gender. Think of the gorgeous reefs, magical beaches and rock formations among others. For example, the Twelve Apostles, located along the iconic Great Ocean Road are stunning limestone formations which up until this day attract thousands of tourists daily. Another reason why one should visit the country is to get an opportunity to meet one of the friendliest people in the world. This is especially important when travelling alone because people will always be there to help you out or engage in a conversation (so no more feeling lonely!).

2. Where to stay when in Australia?

One of the best things about Australia is that it is a friendly country with a bunch of options for lodging. Solo tourists can easily find a place to stay (even if it is only overnight) both in the rural and suburban areas. However, it is always a good idea to do some research before venturing on the trip and finding out what hotels or hostels are available to choose from.
The number one tip more experienced travelers have for newbies is to choose a reliable hostel instead of another type of accommodation. The reason being is that hostels are great for individuals who struggle with anxiety and isolation. Also, it is an easy way to find a friend who might be in the same situation as you. However, if you dislike hostels for some reason, they do not feel obliged to stay in one. Actually, more traditional lodging can offer a much needed safe zone and a dose of tranquility. Also, it can be a safer place to leave your suitcase while you are out and about. The best thing about solo travel is that it is entirely up to you to choose the lodging.
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3. Where to go exploring first?

The best thing about this sunny country is that there are heaps to see and explore. In fact, it is definitely impossible to explore the whole country at once (travelling alone makes it a lot more difficult). The very first and most obvious suggestion when travelling alone is visiting the most famous cities. These include Sydney, Melbourne (great for foodies), Perth (best for brave adventurers) and Brisbane (Amazing hiking destination!). Another recommendation is planning a brief day-trip. Luckily, it is quite easy to travel from one destination to another, and there are no issues with public transport whatsoever. Melbourne, as previously mentioned, is a hotspot for food and coffee lovers. Also, solo tourists who choose to opt for day-trips can see some of the most iconic coastal landmarks, the eucalyptus forest and even go hiking! Those individuals who decide to go to Brighton have the opportunity to taste some of the finest wine in the region and witness rare native animals at Wilson Promontory. When visiting Brisbane, make sure to travel by train to the gorgeous Gold Coast hinterland. This area showcases some of the most beautiful mountain villages and the breath-taking Gondwana Rainforests.


In sum, traveling all by yourself to Australia might seem intimidating and unusual at first glance. Nevertheless, do your research and armor yourself with knowledge. Most importantly, have fun!


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