Solo Living is Fulfilling If You Are Ready For It

Living alone allows you to unleash your oddities and other eccentricities. No one will be there to nag you about the unwashed dishes, overflowing hamper as well as vacuuming your nail clippings. You can walk butt naked, drink champagne while in the shower or dance along to the hits of Britney Spears. You can work 24 hours a day while living on Italian red sauce with pasta.

All of these are possible when you have a condo in Pasig to call your own. You have the rental by yourself, so you don’t have to worry about your parents, siblings or roomies to remind the cohabitating rules they set for you. Unfortunately, living in your space takes adjustment. If you are at home with other people, you will feel the loneliness and lost on what to do next.

The only time left to prepare for the solo living is now. You won’t find the real score of living alone unless you are in the situation. Reading information on it won’t hurt. Therefore, skimming on the tidbits below shows glimpses for what’s to come.

There’s no reason to be afraid of solitude.

Being in a flat by yourself can be overwhelming at first if you used to have company. You will miss the noise and engagement. You will crave for affection and movement. On top of that, there’s a sense of security being with others. Living alone will teach you to be content with yourself as a company. It will help you discern the difference between loneliness and solitude. Isolation is a feeling you can spur while solitude a state of living you choose for yourself.

The rental must come with added security features.

It’s not enough to look for an apartment offering comfort and luxury. It’s also a must to settle for a place with enhanced security features. A gated complex, deadbolt locks or chains on the front door as well as alarm systems are some things to look for in an apartment. If they aren’t available, check in with the landlord or owner if you can install them by yourself.

Your dwelling doesn’t clean itself.

Don’t expect your apartment to remain tidy and organized if you don’t pick up after yourself. If you always leave your stuff in a state of disarray, then you won’t have a neat place to welcome you home. You must invest in cleaning tools and supplies for a spotless abode. A broom, mop and a stock of scrubs, sponges, trash bags,  paper towels and cleaning agents will motivate you to clean your apartment and make you feel like a responsible adult. Plus, you won’t feel stressed out each time you come home. You won’t have to think of pests hiding in your home when you deep clean on a regular basis.

Cooking eventually becomes a chore.

Though everyone looks forward to eating, no one enjoys meal preparation. This is why people who live by themselves rely on takeouts, store-bought microwavable dishes, and out-of-box snacks. If you don’t want to return to your dorm room recipes involving ramen, you must prepare your meals ahead of time. You can grill several pieces of meat each weekend or pop them in the oven. Mix salads and spreads or boil pasta and store in the fridge. Purchase bottled salsa and sauce to have a sumptuous gourmet dinner.

You must get to know your neighbors.

Getting to know your neighbors won’t only introduce you to new friends. It also gives you peace of mind. They can look for you or your apartment when you’re out of town. You can visit them when you feel cabin fever. Introduce yourself to people when taking your walks or lounging by the community pool. Knowing your neighbors gives a sense of belonging and strengthens your identity with the area. Once in a while, you invite people over to show your trust so they will do the same. That way, they start to include you in holiday festivities and other celebrations.

Solo living isn’t only for millennials and young professionals. You can opt to move out of your household anytime you feel like it. However, it’s not enough to have the budget for it. You must also be emotionally prepared for it and be mature to face different situations ahead of you.

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