Social Media Safety Guide for Non-tech Savvy Parents

The post-millennials are considered to be more enthusiast about social media than millennials. They spend more than nine hours a day using social networking platforms and instant messengers. It would not be wrong to assert that our young generation is more updated about the technologies and social media than their parents. The adventurous and risk-taking characteristics of out teens make them get their hands on every new application without bothering the risks attached to these apps. This is because more and more children are becoming the victim of cyber-bullying, child predation, child abuse, sexual harassment and numerous online crimes.

It is need of the hour to supervise the online activities of kids to safeguard them from the menaces of the social media. It can be problematic for parents who are not quite familiar with latest socializing apps to guide their kids about the safe use of social media. This article helps non-tech savvy parents to protect their kids from the social media hazards.

Get Yourself Educated

Learning has no specific age. Start learning and taking interest in the things your kids are excited about. Ask about their favorite social media app and learn about it from the internet. The internet helps you get the answers to your questions simply putting your queries in Google. You can learn the use of these apps from YouTube or ask your kids to help you learn the latest technologies.

Set Age Rules for Social Media Use

Make sure you are acquainted with the applications installed on the cell phones of your kids. Do not allow your kids to use those apps which are not appropriate for their age. For example, the appropriate age to use the Facebook app is 13+. Similarly, every social media app is designed for a particular age group which you can search on the internet. Also, help your kids find the fun applications appropriate for their age.

Check Privacy Settings

Every social media platform offers privacy settings to its users. First, learn about the necessary privacy settings and then help your kids making their social media accounts secure. For example, the Facebook app lets you restrict the unknown people from watching or commenting on your post. Also, it lets you prevent people from sending you friend requests or messages.

Choose Private Profile rather Public

Whatever you post on a public profile can be seen by anyone using the internet. However, a private profile gives you more privacy and lets you choose your audience. Make sure your kids have private profiles rather than public social media profiles.

Do not Post Personal Information

Talk to your kids and educate them about the perils of posting personal information over the internet. Whatever you post on the internet remains there in some form even if you delete it afterward. Posting contact information, embarrassing photos or videos, publicizing your location can facilitate the bullies and predators to approach you. Make your kids aware of the Grandma rule to let them understand what type of data they may post on social media and what not. It would keep them from posting what Grandma would not like seeing.

Choose a Strong Password

Social media account is an important thing which you cannot afford getting hacked or misused by any other person. Let your kid know the importance of choosing a strong password and not sharing it with others. Also, help them learn the way to remember their password.

Use Parental Control App

The cell phone monitoring and parental control app enable parents to supervise the mobile phone and internet use of their kids. Once you install the app on the mobile phone of your kid, you can track almost all of his online and offline activities including social media and internet use. You can spy on commonly used social media apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, IMO, Instagram, Skype, Kik, and Tinder. The messages, photos, videos, and audios exchanged through these socializing apps can be tracked to make sure your kid is not in contact with any scoundrel. As well as the digital world dangers, the cell phone spy app lets you safeguard your kids from the threats in the real world.

Hope you would find these tactics helpful in rescuing your children from the social media menaces and encouraging appropriate use of these platforms.

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