Sneaker Solutions: What’s So Special About Diabetic Shoes?

With over 34 million Americans struggling with diabetes, it is essential to understand how to make the disease more manageable. For those with diabetes, nothing can be taken for granted…Even the shoes that are worn. Not sure about diabetic shoes?

Don’t worry; we are here to help! With this simple guide, we will fill you in with everything you need to know about why diabetic shoes are special and should be worn!

So, let’s get started!

Diabetes and the Feet

Diabetes causes blood sugar fluctuations that can be dangerous and damaging to the body. When diabetes is not well managed, the blood sugar changes can cause issues with their nerves and with circulation. Neuropathy is a condition that is linked to diabetes, and it affects the extremities.

People with diabetic neuropathy often lose sensation in their feet. Because of this side effect, it can be difficult for people with the condition to know if there is something wrong with their feet because they have little to no feeling in their feet.


People with diabetes run the risk of developing complications in their feet. As we said, neuropathy leads to a loss of sensation, so if a person were to get an injury to their foot, such as a cut, they might not realize that it has become infected. Additionally, their poor circulation leads to slower healing times.

Other issues such as hammertoe and bunions are more common in those with diabetes. If these complications go untreated, they can lead to more health issues, and in the case of an untreated infection…It could lead to the loss of the foot. That is why you should consider diabetic sneakers if you have diabetes.

Diabetic Shoes

So, how do diabetic shoes work? The best shoes for people with diabetes have many features that protect the feet from the risk of deformity, skin lesions, infections, and more. The shoes are made to be deeper for a few reasons.

Firstly, the deeper shoe allows for a person to insert diabetic insoles. Additionally, the deeper shoe design gives the wearer more room and prevents too much pressure on their sensitive feet.

Generally, the shoe tip is deeper and wider as well, which gives more room for the toes, especially if there are bunions or hammertoes that have formed. The special design of the shoes can also help with healing if an injury has already occurred.

Other Features

Diabetic shoes are made with softer materials to protect the skin from irritation. In some cases, custom shoes are made to provide orthotic support that is molded specifically for the individual. The tops of the shoes, or the uppers, are generally soft and stretchable, which helps keep the pressure off of certain points in the foot.

The Right Fit

As you can see, diabetic shoes are an essential items for those struggling with diabeties. So, don’t put your health on hold, find the right pair for your needs today!

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