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Slaying Christmas Party with these 7 Special Santa Gifts - Likeitgirl

Slaying Christmas Party with these 7 Special Santa Gifts

Waiting at the door-step for Santa to bring unique and special gifts? Christmas is the most exciting and energetic festival of the year. The occasion is more like a get-together in which all the family members cherish the good old days they have spent together. It is a cheerful celebration of food, new clothes, love, decorations and gifts. From a week before, people start the preparations by making a list of Christmas gifts for mom, brother, aunts, girlfriend and the remaining dear ones.

Everyone tries to vie the whole celebration by surprising each family member with unique and fantastic gift ideas. Why it’s always parents who struggle hard to bring the finest gifts to keep around the Xmas tree. Change the whole fashion of gift giving by showing some love to your elders and buy Christmas gifts for mom and grandparents.

Every lane of the World on 25th December sings “Jingle bell” for commemorating the birth of almighty Jesus Christ. This cultural celebration brings even the two foes together. Good food and heart-felt gift makes the celebration more joyous and full of festive vibes. People wander multiple shops to choose the perfect Christmas gifts for mom for thanking her to become his Santa every year.

Unique Christmas gift ideas bring loads of charisma to the festive occasion. Therefore, choose according to the considerations of one’s preference. Below are amazing seven Christmas gift ideas that are favourable to one’s choice and on the wallet as well.

1- Santa Socks: On the eve of Christmas, the winter takes it seat and gear up the whole chilled season. For wishing someone Mary Christmas and Happy Winters, gift a pair of soft cushioned socks. Before buying the socks, must see the colour and design printed on it. Although, it is Santa’s day try to find socks with the design of Pine tree, bells, reindeers or Santa’ foot prints.

2- Wrist-Watch: If there is anyone who didn’t had a good year, then gift him a classic collection of wrist watch with a message to look ahead in 2018. This kind of gift is perfect for everyone including mother, father or sister. Wearing watches gives an elegant edge to once personality. It inspires people to cope-up with the time and stand again with more audacity.

3- Headphones: Any gift is futile in front of the headphones if it is for a music lover. For many people music is all they need in good or bad times. If there is someone whose every moment is filled with musical background and cannot survive a single moment without the bliss of music, then gifting him the quality headphones is the super- hit option. This can become the best Christmas gifts for boyfriend if he is a music-freak.

4-Perfumes: Women are very fond of scents and perfumes. Give their beauty an aroma of sweetness with the amazing collection of perfumes. Some women are very specific about the type of scent they apply. Therefore, keep in mind before buying the bottle of fragrant liquid to give on the auspicious day of Christmas.

5- Cake: No one can imagine Christmas day without the presentation of a finger-licking cake. The other name for Christmas is good food and fine wine. For a foodie family, choosing a cake which has fresh fondant and fudgy base is the plethora of heaven. Along with the delicious Christmas cake, one can serve cookies, candy cane, cup cakes and cannoli. Either bake it or order it, just make sure every desert item should be mouth-watering and well-garnished.

6- Classic Collection of Wine: Grannies of the house, loves to sip the finest collection of wine. A connoisseur can choose between the red or white wine. Turn a simple party into a happening one by adding the taste of classic wine and roasted chicken pairing. Including this fine liquor will not only make the party rocking but will also contribute to health due to its holy goodness. This Christmas cheers to the Spirit.

7- Personalised gifts: Imagine a gift when unwrapped, it displays a picture of golden past days. It’s kind of nostalgic right? In the recent decades, the trend of personalised gifts has come into hike. Be it a photograph of previous Christmas party or anything written about the person, this type of gift gives a flexibility to print whatever a person wants and expresses thoughtful messages.

Remember, a perfect gift means keeping someone’s choice in mind. It is useless to gift something which is not useful to the person. For example a person who is not much into gym-stuffs, giving him dumbbells will be fruitless. Therefore, choose wisely and keep the preferences in mind to make the gift memorable.

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