Some of the most popular travel destinations in the last couple of years include hot places, deserts, a lot of dust, and sun. This means that your skin needs extra protective care if you don’t want to deal with breakouts, oiliness, and even irritation. So, here is a little guide on how to prepare your skin for a dessert vacation.

What happens to your skin in the desert climate

Deserts and dirt can give your skin a rough texture, and make it look duller, and emphasize every little wrinkle, and problematic spot. Along with this, your skin tends to get dry in such a climate, and if you have sensitive skin, it can get pretty bad. The damage from prolonged sun exposure can also damage it, so hopefully, you are beginning to see why you have to change up your skincare routine for desert travel.

Face wash

Your best friend during this type of travel will certainly be a cleanser. Make sure the formula of your face wash is good enough to take the dirt, sebum, and leftover makeup off your skin. Since the weather is pretty hot, and you will sweat a lot, you don’t want to irritate and dry out your skin even more, so choose lighter cleansers without alcohol. A good travel-friendly option is micellar water, which you can pack in your purse even. But a foam or gel face wash won’t be a mistake either.


Sunscreen is a mandatory product regardless of the weather and climate, but even more so when you are going to the desert. Make sure you put it extensively before you go out into the sun, even when you are using makeup or skincare with SPF in them. It will protect your skin from sun damage, but in the long run, it will help your skin look young.

Refreshing mist

You are probably going to spend some time out in the sun, exploring and walking. It is a good idea to have a refreshing facial mist that you can carry with you and spray on your face whenever you feel too hot. Plus, depending on what mist you choose, it can provide extra hydration and leave your skin looking fresh and not tired and oily.

Face masks

It may not seem very practical to travel with face masks, but they will help your skin so much, by adding hydration and moisture and preparing it for the days spent in the heat. Regardless of your skin type, a hydrating mask is a must because you are spending time in a dry climate, and your skin will need more water, and they can help with that as well as brighten your skin and shrink your pores. Everything that you need, you can look up in a beauty supply store and buy before the trip. 


Your skin might get oily in the sun and heat. However, don’t doubt that it still needs lots of hydration. You can switch your regular moisturizer and use a gentler, lighter gel one that will dry fast, but will still leave your skin looking nice and fresh. Your lips also need moisturizing, so a lip balm is a must, especially during the day, and during long walks.

The right makeup

Makeup products may not be a part of the skincare routine, but the choice of those products most definitely affects the look of your skin. Make sure you don’t bring heavy, full-coverage foundations that will clog your pores. You can go by with just a BB cream and a bit of concealer, and maybe a pressed powder if you want to mattify your face. Heavy makeup like eyeliners, dark eyeshadows, and contour pallets will only slip from your skin and look muddy, so opt for natural looks with maybe just a bit of blush.

Desert travels may be super fun for you, but your skin may not have such a good time. If you don’t want to worry about any possible breakouts and skin problems, make sure you get all the necessary products and keep your skin safe throughout the trip.


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