Six sigma Success Stories in Energy Industry

The Six Sigma methodology is adopted by the energy industry as well. Many big shots implemented the tactics of the Lean six sigma process and accumulated success and growth.

Ecolab Inc.
The company is known to be the global leader for different services like water and energy technology. The company also get recognition by the Environmental Protection Agency of USA, and it has been known that the company uses the Six Sigma methodology to make safe choices.

Electric Power Sector
North America was experiencing some disruptive changes. To be able to fulfill the demand of nature, Nuclear learnings are being imported. That will also help the organization in reducing risks. The company is also deploying Lean Six Sigma process to support the efforts.

JEA, Inc.
The organization has applied the Lean Six Sigma methodology in their process development in 2000,

1. The company was successful in achieving a cost saving of $579 million using Lean Six Sigma methodology

2. The company also saved $95 million by stopping their investment on the projects that are not worth.

3. The company improved its working process and avoided the rate increase in its products.

4. A total of 580 projects was completed by the organization since it started using Six Sigma.

UE Compression
The company has reached new milestones using the Six Sigma methodology. The company wanted to improve its process effectiveness and also reduced the time cycle. The company deployed tools like 5S and Six Sigma to strengthen their understanding of their customers’ needs. The company also absorbed the concept of continuous development for its future growth and benefit.

ZF Energy Development
The CEO of the organization discussed how using the Lean methodology in the manufacturing helped the organization to increase their productivity. This way, they were able to reduce their conversion loses.

Six Sigma Certification Success Stories in Energy Industry

Lean methodology and the Oil and Gas Industry
The energy industry is increasingly turning to Lean culture, whereas in the past it was not applied as much in businesses with a heavy focus on engineering. In some cases, businesses within a certain niche of the industry are leveraging the benefits of Lean.

For example, in the fabrication business within the energy, gas and oil industry, companies such as KUDU and Plains Fabrication and Supply have adapted Lean methodology as part of a restructuring of their operations.

Producers also have turned to Six Sigma. Large companies such as Shell and Suncor have implemented Lean practices in their operations. These include Value Stream Mapping, a Six Sigma tool used to diagram a process and find defects and waste, as well as equipment effectiveness, transportation issues, and production operations.

Lean has proven effective across many industries over the years. Now, with a track record of success, the methodology is spreading into areas such as healthcare and oil and gas, transforming how these venerable businesses handle their operations.


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