Sisters; they are your those unconditional friends who don’t demand anything from you but wish everything for you. They are the epitome of unconditional love. To brothers, they are like mother, caretaker and like that person, when no one talks to you, then they are the sisters who come to your rescue. They are the beautiful flowers in a family garden whose fragrance always brings calmness and serenity. 

Even God put those in hell who make them weep or who try to trick them. They are the loveliest of loveliest. I reminisce my all childhood days with my sister and cousin sisters, and those days were of utmost happiness and childish ignorance in which we all used to dive and laugh. 

Not a moment came when we didn’t want to be with one another, whether in schools, when playing and all the menace we used to do. The only problem with sisters is that they do not always stay with us, because they marry and go. And that emptiness, that space is hard to be filled up. Even though they are just a call away. But at the end this how society is, this how life is. 

My sister is married. It has been 7 years since. She is living her life amazing, has a beautiful daughter and a husband. A good family they are. Last year it was the time of her birthday which we celebrated by not just cutting the cake while touring all the breathtaking destinations that we saw in magazine and pictures when we were little kids who wanted to fly with magicians and elves.

To celebrate the birthday I invited all my cousin sisters, we are a big family and made a plan to visit all the destinations. Children were not with us but definitely their husbands. I went with my girlfriend. It was a cue to them that I had found my girl and I wanted to marry her. After the trip my all sisters asked about her whether serious or not. Then I said to them all. Trip was good. We started from Udaipur and ended in UK, and there we did a grand celebration of my sister, Neha.

Other family members were already there. We were all preparing for the birthday party. What especial I did in the decoration was that I hung up everywhere small one sided greeting cards in which heart touching birthday wishes for sister written. It was totally sister them party! Heart melting wishes were written in them. People were giving a glance to the awesome decoration that I did.

Everyone there liked my sense of decoration. Although I am not a professional decorator but I thought for a moment as a viable career. Party went like a circus, I don’t want to say this but this is how the party went. All were just laughing and talking endlessly, for which I had to announce that party has ended, go home. 

Then it was me with my all sisters alone talking about our childhood time. Reminisce and nostalgia both were there. And I wished perhaps we would never have grown up. 

Life with time changes and you don’t know how moments are skipping from your life. One should enjoy every moment with someone or without. Say what you want to say, celebrate what you want to and do everything what you wish to. Never wait for someone for infinite time. Because one day we all would be lying on our funeral pyre and burning to ashes. Oh! A bit gross philosophical I have come to! 

And yes celebrate every birthday whether of your sisters, brothers or of anyone in the family. Say them lots of wishes and blessings, Cut small or big cakes, they are tasty. And yes dance even if you don’t know. At the end never forget to love your sisters more and much. They are divine graces in your life that always give you light and unconditional love. 


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