Simple Details That Will Make Your Wedding Stand Out

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Your wedding day is one you will remember for the rest of your life, so you want it to stand out in all the best possible ways. The simple details are what separate a wedding everyone will remember from all the rest. Creating a unique experience is less about spending extra money and more about customizing your day around your unique identity.

A Flower Station

While the bride, the groom, and the wedding party will be carrying or wearing flowers of some sort, the rest of the guests are often left out of this experience. You can change this by adding a DIY flower station to your wedding. Place beautiful flowers that are hardy on a table in vases. Let your guests create their own corsages or boutonnieres as they arrive. Add ribbons and other decorative elements so they can customize their own for a unique twist. This will make the entire wedding more beautiful and fragrant, and everyone loves receiving flowers. Even young children can enjoy this practice. It’s a great way to show appreciation. These flowers can also be kept and dried after the wedding so each guest has a beautiful reminder of the event. Include directions if you want to help guests hold onto this memory.

Unique Photos

There will be a ton of photos taken at your wedding, so make sure the experience is fun for everyone involved. Put up a photo booth so guests can take impromptu shots throughout the event. Have photo booth props on hand so they can create silly, memorable photos that they will always connect to your wedding. Props can help even the most reluctant person enjoy having a photograph taken. They make posing fun instead of formal, and the results are much more unique. It’s a treat to see how many people are able to get into one photo booth and what props they use to represent their moods!

Activities for Kids

It’s perfectly acceptable to have an adults-only wedding. However, most people have children as guests at both the wedding and reception, and it’s important to plan activities that are enjoyable for them. Put crayons and coloring books at the reception tables to help kids stay seated when it’s necessary. Offer disposable cameras and a scavenger hunt page so kids can roam the reception and explore with a focus. For outdoor weddings, a bubble station is also a great idea. Kids can also have a dessert area that is exclusive. Put out plain cupcakes or cookies and provide candy and other items for decoration. When kids have something to focus on, they have fun and the adults get more time to hang out with other adults.

A Wardrobe Change

Brides usually spend a lot of time picking out just the right dress. However, the dress you walk down the aisle in may not be the one you want to wear throughout the entire event. Many wedding dresses have multiple layers that can be heavy or hot. Add a twist by changing into a second outfit. You don’t have to change into an outfit that is as formal or as expensive as the dress you wore for the ceremony. Just make sure it is comfortable and the style you love. Your partner can change clothes as well so you will both feel more comfortable while you hang out with guests and dine.

Make an Entrance

We’re used to hearing the same music and experiencing the same rituals when it comes to the bride making her way down the aisle. It’s fine to stick with tradition if it suits you, but feel free to add your personal style as you make your way down the aisle. This can mean using a song that has special meaning to you or dancing down the aisle to upbeat music instead of walking slowly. Your partner can also make the walk with you instead of having a parent take that role. Breaking with tradition is something that tends to stick out, so choose a meaningful entrance that your guests will remember.


Your wedding should represent you and your partner, and paying attention to the simple details is what will set it apart in the memories of those who attend.

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