In most cases, investment in quality education pays off really well. The more we know, the greater experts we become, which means we’re much more likely to lend a job that is not only well-paid, but also completely satisfying. Luckily, the technological developments and advances in recent history have made it possible for everyone with internet access to broaden their horizons and become much more competitive on the job market. Apart from practical online courses, there are also many apps that can be used on mobile devices, which can either improve our knowledge or keep our little grey cells in great shape. So, let’s take a look at some of the options for inexpensive (or even free) opportunities to improve our education.

MOOCs and academies

Massively Open Online Courses are the cheap alternative to debt-creating colleges and probably one of the greatest benefits the Internet has brought about ever since its inception. With a wide range of options to choose from, one can sometimes be overwhelmed, especially since there are, unfortunately, some offers of dubious quality, but heavily advertised. The list below contains the names of courses and academies that have gained enviable reputation over the years.


One of the most popular providers of the widest range of courses is definitely Udemy. Its mission is to “help anyone learn anything”, and with over 35,000 MOOCs and over 8 million minutes of educational video content, you have to agree that there must be something for you too. So, if you want to learn about web development, accounting or how to play the guitar, this is a very good starting point. You can download courses and watch them offline on the go. Finally, courses are offered in over 80 languages, which means you’re likely to find the one you understand the best.


Unlike Udemy, which offers courses created with individual instructors, Coursera partners with universities and organisations. You simply enrol in a course (and you’ll really be spoiled for choice), choose the free option to access videos, discussions or practice assignments. You can choose to earn a course certificate, pay a fee and get access to graded assignments. You have to submit your assignments to earn the certificate in subjects ranging from business, technology to those of general interest.

Early education

If you’re interested in providing additional quality education to your kids, you should definitely check out some early learning online programs. Make sure you choose one that involves you as a parent, since you are your kid’s first and most important teacher. The idea behind such programs should be to promote a love of learning, which will eventually pay off in the future, when your kid pursues academic qualifications.


The first MOOC, Udacity sees education as a lifelong experience. It is focused on technology, science and maths. It’s worth mentioning that companies such as Google, Facebook and AT&T have developed courses for Udacity. So, if you wish to learn how to develop your own app or something about robotics, this should be among the sources you consider.


This platform helps you learn a foreign language, which is particularly important in today’s globalized world. There is a website and an app, which means you can use this platform anywhere. The integration of fun makes this app so great. You level up by giving consecutive correct answers, which earns you points that put you ahead of friends, adding some friendly competition to the mix. There are also pictures and audio tracks to help you memorise vocabulary and facilitate learning. 

Western philosophers

If you’re a history buff, trivia lover or simply a knowledge seeker, this app is for you. It tells you everything you wanted to know about famous philosophers, all on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet. You can view quotes through a satirical Twitter feed or become your favourite philosopher with the AR feature. There are also test that help you check how much you’ve learned.


These are just some of the thousands of useful ways you can use modern technology to improve and widen your knowledge. All you have to do is find those that are relevant to you and you’ll be on the right track.

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