Signs You’re Hair Is Going Through the Early Stages

Is your hair looking a bit thinner than usual?

Considering over 50% of men will have to deal with male pattern baldness, it makes sense that many men will worry about whether or not they’re losing their hair at some point in their lives. That said, how do you know whether the thinning you see in the mirror is real or a product of paranoia?

Fortunately, there are a few simple, easy-to-track signs to help you figure out whether you’re actually going bald.

Do you think you might be losing your hair but aren’t completely sure? We’re here to help. Here are three tell-tale signs that you may be balding.

Hair On Your Pillow

Humans, like all other animals, shed. In fact, it’s perfectly normal to lose up to 100 strands of hair every day. Hair can naturally slip out while you’re washing it or brushing it. So, it can be tough to figure out whether the small clumps that fall out during personal grooming are part of normal shedding or if it’s a sign of hair loss.

However, there’s one place you may find clumps of hair that’s a surefire sign you’re losing it: on your pillow.

While a stray strand in your bed now and then is no cause for alarm, finding small clumps or bunches of hair means that it’s falling out in your sleep. So, you may want to consider taking steps to slow down or reverse your hair loss.

A Receding Hairline

Another tell-tale sign that you may be losing your hair is a receding hairline. Most men at some point in their lives will lose a bit of their hairline, and while it can be a sign of slight thinning and settle after a few years, it could also continue back until there’s isn’t a hairline at all.

The trick to figuring out what your receding hairline could mean lies in the speed at which it’s receding. While you can look at a few old photos to see how far your hairline moved, you could also take a more scientific approach and track it over the course of a few weeks by simply measuring your forehead.

Your Scalp Is Showing

Now, being able to see your scalp is not uncommon. You can see it in your hair part, and being able to see it when you push your hair to the side is also completely normal. But, if your part is looking a little bit wider than it used to, or if you can see traces of your scalp through your hair, that could be a surefire sign of balding.

Hairloss will affect 85% of all men by the time they turn 50. And while hair loss and balding may seem inevitable, that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. From superficial treatments like SMP to laser surgery, there are plenty of ways to regain your hair once you’ve started going bald.

How to Spot Balding Early On

Know that you know a bit more about how to tell whether or not you’re actually balding, you can figure out if you want to start taking steps to repair or restore your hairline.

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