Signs that Indicates You Have a Healthy Girl-Girl Relationship

Wondering if you are in a healthy girl-girl relationship? Here are 8 signs you and your partner are meant to last. See how your relationship stacks up!

Relationships, in general, can be difficult, being in a girl-girl relationship adds a few more dynamics to that difficulty. Feelings of concern, insecurity, dread, and confusion along with a lack of communication can lead to a volatile and untrusting girl-girl relationship. But not all relationships are created equally, and while some suffer through their emotions, others seem to have figured it all out. Curious if your relationship is heading in the right direction? Here are the signs that indicate you have a healthy girl-girl relationship that’s meant to last.

Silence means love, not disrespect

We’ve all been in relationships where an argument can make being in the same room together uncomfortable. You may have also been in relationships where silence means something is wrong. But, does this make sense? After all, this is a person you love, respect, and have chosen to dedicate your life to. This is why you know you are in a healthy relationship when you can sit in a room together in perfect silence and feel comfort rather than concern. The ability to “speak” without saying a word is one of the most attractive qualities in a partner.

You talk about your concerns

Healthy or unhealthy relationship, all lesbian relationships will have moments when you “feel” there is a problem. Emotions play a strong role in how we feel and respond to a situation. Some women will allow their concerns to fester on the inside and build into irrationality. Other women wear their emotions on their sleeves and can explode at even the slightest worry. You know you are in a healthy relationship when you and your partner discuss your concerns before they fester and before you create a problem out of nothing. The ability to approach each other about concerns, in addition to being open to approach, is not only a sign of a healthy relationship but something all relationships should strive for.

You’re comfortable enough to say, “she’s hot.”

Lesbian relationships often face concerns that one partner doesn’t find the other attractive. Unfortunately, this type of insecurity often results in self-esteem issues and resentment. Having the ability to comment on another woman’s attractive qualities, whether it is looks or personality, is a clear sign that you and your partner trust each other. Being able to express beauty is a sign of appreciation more than it is a sign that your girlfriend is going to run off with another woman. A relationship that allows for both of you to comment on another person also means that appreciation of each other is that much more important.

You welcome your partner’s past

Nobody can control their past and unfortunately, some people have a past that is more curious than others. Did you or your partner have a heavily sexual past? Did one of you experiment with drugs or have an alcohol problem? Was their abuse in your past or your girlfriend’s? The fact is that we all have a past and whether good or bad, everyone deserves the right to accept their past and either learn from or improve upon it. A healthy lesbian relationship embraces each other’s past from relationships to behavior.

Your relationship allows for personal independence

Have you ever seen a cute girl-girl couple walking down the street with one person dressed in a sleek and sexy dress and the other may have just stepped off the set of a steampunk movie? Strong lesbian couples not only respect each other’s independence, but they relish the fact that their partner has no qualms about being their self and is open to the same. No one wants to be stifled and couples who promote individuality are worth all of our admiration.

Passion is important for both of you

Oh, passion. It’s one of the best parts of being in a girl-girl relationship, isn’t it? Heavily adrift with emotion and strong feelings, sexual passion can fill even the most volatile of relationships. In fact, sometimes that is the only reason a girl might stick in a bad relationship. However, if you and your partner find passion by turning your partner on that is another level. Healthy couples look for ways to keep the passion alive such as lesbians sexting during the day to the sweet nothings (cute notes or chocolates) hidden for your partner to find. Keeping the passion alive is important to keeping your relationship healthy.

You don’t talk over each other

How annoying is it when you are telling a story and your partner interrupts you or speaks over you to finish the story? One thing you will find in your healthy relationship is a fair degree of patience. You’ve seen couples who let the other person finish talking before chiming in. One thing you may have missed is that a healthy relationship allows equality at all levels. So, while one person doesn’t interrupt, the other will not overwhelm the conversation. It is a give and takes kind of love.

Public praise is more important than public criticism

No one likes to be criticized in public. Even when joking, public criticism can lead to hard feelings and resentment. If you are in a lesbian relationship where you and your partner build each other up and complement each other rather than criticize, then you are likely in a healthy relationship. While it is important to praise each other in private, public praise brings a new level to your relationship by displaying your love and appreciation in front of others.

In conclusion

It is not always easy to know if you are in a healthy relationship or not. Sure, you might love your partner and you might enjoy your relationship, but do you and your partner do the things to sustain a relationship over the long term? Well, if you and your partner regularly do these 8 things then there is a good chance you’re relationship is healthy and likely going to last. If not, don’t worry. These are great examples of simple changes that you and your girlfriend can make to improve your love for each other. 

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