Significant Role of Oxygen to Defeat Cancer Cells

When someone read cancer word in his/her medical report, it becomes one of the most shocking moments of life. Fear of cancer is obvious because there is not a specific cure for this disease that can save the patient at any stage. Also, cancers are of different types that are classified on the basis of different body parts. It is basically the abnormal cell structure that forms due to the mutation in DNA. The modern lifestyle is one of the major reason behind increasing the threat of cancer. Toxic smoke is the major contributor to cancer; however, sometimes it is inherited too. Other major reasons for getting cancer disease are: –

1) Wrong and contaminated diet
2) Radiation impact
3) Viral infections

Symptoms to identify cancer

In many cases, the cancer is identified at its severe stage when cure is almost impossible. Cancers of different types, thus; their symptoms also vary. Still, there are some general symptoms that all cancer patients share mutually. Take a look:-

  1. A lump that can be clearly felt under the skin
  2. Swallowing difficulty
  3. Change in skin color into yellow or red
  4. Frequent fevers and sweats
  5. Abrupt loss or gain in weight
  6. Bleeding or bruising
  7. Muscle and joint pain

Oxygen: The potential cure

While finding the cure of cancer, first you need to go in depth to the main cause. After years of research, scientists concluded that lack of oxygen supply to a specific part of the body organ is the major reason of genetic mutation into cancer cells. In the absence of oxygen, carbon dioxide contaminates the tissues and cause several kinds of cancers. These cancer tissues gradually multiply and result in severe damage to various organs. Therefore, supplying an adequate amount of oxygen can be a reliable cure to this deadly disease. Rather than relying on a specific measure, the researchers are trying multiple methods to supply oxygen gas to the affected organs. The best thing about oxygen is that it is 100% natural and harmless if the way of implementation is right. Here are some potential oxygen enhancers that can help cancer patients.

1) Hyperbaric oxygen chamber

These are the cylindrically shaped oxygen chambers meant for enhancing the oxygen level in the human body. The atmosphere where humans are living has 21% of oxygen gas that can be enhanced to 100% with the help of hyperbaric therapy. When oxygen reaches all blood vessels evenly, it reduces the impact of carbon dioxide and kills cancer cells. However, hyperbaric oxygen cylinder cannot solely cure cancer; radiation therapy is also essential that involves several adverse effects. The oxygen enhancement chamber also helps in reducing the negative impact of radiation on skin.

2) Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen is a very common liquid that you can find even in your house too. A typical bottle of H2O2 contains only 3 percent of concentrate. However, it takes 35% of oxygen in this solution to work effectively on cancer cells. The capability of oxygen therapy for cancer healing in this solution has a wide scope in future, but researchers cannot find an effective way to harness the adverse effects. The excessive exposure to hydrogen peroxide results in allergic reaction, rashes, itching and trouble respiration.

Researchers are working on these two measures for improving the potential. The 100% success rate is still far away, but continuous practice in improvement will surely fruitful.

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