Shabby Chic: Make DIY Boho Jewelry from Scratch

Boho jewelry is cute and trendy, and with a couple of supplies, you can try making some pieces yourself. Whether you’re already an avid jewelry maker or new to the craft, boho jewelry making will quickly become your new favorite hobby.

You can learn to make boho jewelry in just a few simple steps. They will be great additions to your jewelry collection and make amazing gifts as well.

Let’s breakdown DIY boho jewelry, how to make it, and what supplies you need to have on hand.

What is Boho Jewelry?

Boho stands for bohemian, so the style is inspired by 1970s looks. Think long layered necklaces, feathers, multi-colored beads, flower crowns, and more.

You don’t have to be a flower child heading to a music festival to love boho jewelry. While boho jewelry and hippie couture go hand in hand, these days boho jewelry matches with everything. It’s so popular and versatile that you can mix and match it with other styles and still look pulled together.

Popular boho jewelry pieces today include tassel necklaces, leather wrap bracelets, beaded chain necklaces, lace chokers, and feather earrings. Let’s look at what kind of supplies you need to make your own boho jewelry.

DIY Boho Jewelry Supplies

When it comes to boho jewelry, almost nothing is off-limits. From dream catchers to chunky wooden beads, boho jewelry makes a statement. If you need supplies that are eclectic looking, colorful, and earthy, they will fit the boho theme.

In general, here are boho jewelry making supplies that you should always have on hand:

  • Feathers
  • Tassels
  • Eclectic lace
  • Leather string/rope
  • Long chains for necklaces
  • Colorful beads
  • Wooden beads
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Flower crown rings
  • Gemstones
  • Lava beads
  • Druzy pendants
  • Twine

Here are the tools you may need:

  • Hot glue
  • Plyers
  • Jump rings
  • Craft wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Earring hooks

Now that you’ve gathered your supplies, let’s look at some beautiful designs for DIY boho jewelry that you can make at home.

DIY Boho Earrings

Let’s start with earrings. Boho earrings are typically statement pieces. They’re usually long and dangly and incorporate a couple of different materials. Check out these great DIY ideas below.

  1. Leather Boho Earrings From Home Heart Craft

These DIY leather boho earrings from Home Heart Craft are elegant and simple to make. They make a beautiful statement and will match with several outfits. You can also switch up the color scheme to make them your own.

This project is extra fun because you get to work with glitter. However, if sparkly jewelry isn’t your thing, just leave it out for a more neutral pair of earrings.

  1. Beaded Boho Earrings From Crafty Little Gnome

These beaded earrings from Crafty Little Gnome add elegance to your boho look. You can dress them up for a fancy night out or wear them to work. Again, you can mix up the colors to suit your taste.

  1. DIY Leather Tassel Earrings From Pretty Handy Girl

You can purchase tassels at a craft store or try making your own for these leather earrings from Pretty Handy Girl. They’re super fun and flirty and only require a couple of supplies to make them yourself. These are so easy to make that you could make a bunch as gifts!

DIY Boho Necklaces

Boho necklaces can range from chokers to long chain necklaces. The great thing about that is that layering necklaces is a super popular trend with boho styles, so you can make a bunch of these and wear them separately or all together.

  1. Boho Leather Choker Necklace From Sweet Teal

This DIY choker from Sweet Teal couldn’t be simpler, so it’s the perfect project for any newbie jewelry maker. While it’s simple, it still makes a statement. You can wear it multiple ways and mix and match it with longer necklaces, so it’s a great versatile piece to add to your jewelry collection.

  1. Layered Mandala Necklace From Creative Fashion Blog

This DIY is truly unique. It uses beautiful mandala pendants to create a layered necklace that will get you a lot of compliments. Creative Fashion Blog also has other great DIY boho jewelry tutorials, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

  1. Boho Druzy Chain Necklace From My Girlish Whims

This necklace from My Girlish Whims is stunning and perfect for spring. It layers long beaded chains with druzy pendants for an elegant and versatile look. It’s also easy to customize. You can switch up the colors, pendant shapes, and chain types according to your taste.

DIY Boho Bracelets

Boho bracelets can be as simple as a leather strap wrapped around your wrist multiple times or as elaborate as a set of colorful lava bead bangles. Either way, bracelets are some of the easiest jewelry to make, so you can make a bunch at a time and mix and match them all together.

  1. Layered Suede Bracelets From Pop Shop America

These bracelets from Pop Shop America use multiple types of suede strands to create a layered wrap bracelet that’s cute and comfortable to wear. It doesn’t need a lot of supplies. Instead, it utilizes braiding and knot-making for an earthy feel that’s perfect for summer.

  1. Sundance Style Bracelet From I Always Pick the Thimble

This bracelet from I Always Pick the Thimble screams eclectic charm. It’s a little more involved, so it’s great for anyone who already enjoys making jewelry. You can make it your own by changing up the colors and charms you use to make it more special.

  1. Boho Cuff Bracelet From PandaHall

Cuffs are a staple in boho looks, so try making your own with this tutorial from PandaHall. It uses wooden beads that are colorful and earthy at the same time. The design is so intricate that your friends and family will be shocked to learn that you made it yourself!

Boho Style DIY Jewelry

No matter which DIY boho jewelry piece you decide to make, get creative and have fun with it. Making your own jewelry for you and your friends adds a special meaning to the pieces, and it’s a hobby you can enjoy for years.

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