Seven Unique Idea For Personalized Baby Blankets

It is a wonderful moment to see your little bundle of joy wrapped in a cozy comfort baby blanket. It can be more of an attraction if this is a personalized baby blanket. Baby blankets are sweet soft blankets providing cushion, warmth, feather like touch to the delicate hands and Personalized Baby Blankets can be the perfect gift for a little one to welcome them which they will cherish forever.

Personalized baby blankets look more stylish and can also be used as swaddle blankets to wrap your loved kiddo.

Baby blankets are also referred as organic blankets and security blankets. It is generally meant for the kids and made from pure cotton fabric which is smooth and light.

Personalized baby blankets are available in a wide variety for boys and girls. As far as pricing is concerned they can also be found reasonably priced and rich in quality. Personalized baby blankets can be monogrammed with a clip art, name, photo, and message.

Unique Personalized Baby Blankets can be Created in the Below Mentioned Designs:

  1. A name blanket is where your baby’s name is written on it with different fonts and colors. It will be a great addition to children’s bedroom. These are usually made of polyester and the edges are stitched finely. Personalized baby blankets have to be machine washed and tumble dry on low.
  1. Mink blankets are another variety which can be gifted along with the name and date of birth written on it. This can be made in blue color for the boy and pink color for the girl. This will always be a keepsake for the new parents and the kid will remember forever.
  1. Personalized baby blankets can be made extra special by adding alphabet to it. The form of tapestry will make a lovely gift for a new born and parents. This blanket could be of cotton blend and hand woven. It must be machine washed but cannot be dry cleaned as it will lose it smoothness. As it is handmade, the size may vary from kid to kid.
  1. Polka dots blankets can be another variety which can be later embroidered as per your choice. They are available in pink, blue, gray shades. These blankets are soft mink ones with polka dots on it and soft Sherpa on the back side of it making it very comfortable for the kiddies.
  1. People often want to gift personalized baby blankets on the baby shower which can be a mix of pink and blue colour and made from 100 percent cotton. This can also be a gorgeous gift for the family who are awaiting their new born. Floral designs on the blankets will add a touch of elegance and innocence.
  1. Personalized swaddle baby blanket can be gifted to the new mom to welcome the baby. Babies have to be swaddled for 6 months mostly to provide them warmth and keep them safe. Swaddle blankets when personalized with the name or photo of the baby printed on it would be a perfect keepsake for the baby and family.
  1. Micro fleece blankets can also be personalized. The material used is micro fleece is considered as soft as the babies skin. This would provide extra comfort to the babies as well. They are heavy knitted and provide softest touch.

The above mentioned blankets are just a few personalized baby blankets to choose from. There are a lot more varieties available for the little bundle of joy to make him and the family feel special. But while selecting the blanket, quality should be the top priority as there cannot be any compromise made for the adorable cutie pie.

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