Self Tanning Tips for Breasts At Home That Actually Work

Have you ever heard of tanning for breasts? In this article, we will give you the best self-tanning tips for breasts you should know.

According to some studies from the American Cancer Society, there are more than one million cases diagnosed with skin cancer each year. This is a big problem for those trying to get a tan and options for self-tanning are always hot ever. Different from other parts of the body; however, chest areas (including breasts) are not easy to self-tan. Today, in this article, we will give you the best self-tanning tips for breasts at home you have never heard before.

The Best Self Tanning Tips for Breasts

  1. Wash and Exfoliate Skin

This is one of the best self-tanning tips for breasts. To do well this step, you should use natural soaps (coconut soap) to clean the breast areas. When washing your skin, you need a scrub or a loofah to exfoliate the dead skin cells gently before using self-tanning lotions. This step should be done carefully because if not, self-tanners color the patches of dry skin and then make a discoloration as the dead skin is sloughed off. Before using self-tanner, you can also apply some moisturizers to the chest and breasts. Exfoliating and keeping the areas damp help to soften as well as clear dry patches and reduce the discoloration around the areas.

  1. Dry your skin

Another self-tanning tips for breasts are let your skin dry. After washing and exfoliating your skin, you need time to make it dry thoroughly even the chest and the breast before applying your self-tanners. This helps them go on evenly.

  1. Avoid Your Nipples

When applying self-tanning lotion, you should avoid your nipples because this can reduce an odd discoloration in the areas. In addition, if you are breastfeeding, you should also avoid applying self-tanning lotion to the nipples because there are some chemical factors in the self-tanning lotion can damage your baby.

  1. Spread The Breasts Evenly

Apply self-tanner like you would a regular body lotion — use a small amount (enough to cover the breasts) and rub it in the breasts carefully and thoroughly with long and circular strokes. You apply a small amount of self-tanner to the breasts and rubs it gently but thoroughly. You should not use too much the self-tanner at once because these skin areas also need time to get a perfect color.

  1. Wait Your Skin Areas Dry Completely

Like usual body lotions, self-tanning lotions also need time to penetrate into the skin and dry thoroughly. You should not wear your bra or clothing immediately after using; your clothes can get the risk of being stained, ruining your tan.  Moreover, a good note is applying self-tanner at night can give you more time to let it absorb and dry. You need to wait about 20 minutes before you get dressed. In the next two hours; also, it is best for you to be in loose clothes and avoid sweating.

  1. Remove All Self-Tanner Before The Next Time

This step is similar to cleaning and exfoliating the body including your breasts before applying the round two. This helps self-tanner do its works efficiently as well as make the skin areas clear and nice before and after self-tanning at home.

  1. Never Forget To Apply Sunscreen Each Day

Many people think that they do not need to apply sunscreen when they are at the time of using self-tanner. This is not true because your skin even the breasts easily get the UV rays which can damage the skin anywhere and anytime. Therefore, your skin still needs to get some protection from sunscreen. Make sure that the sunscreen you use gives all of the followings:

  • Water resistance.
  • Sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher
  • Contain broad-spectrum protection (also known as UVA/UVB protection).

Note:  Many external factors including rain, showering, and tight clothes will mess up the tan. The tanning process needs between six-eight hours to set it on your skin. Therefore, applying self-tanners at night will give you better results.

The Don’ts of Applying Self-Tanner

  1. Don’t Sweat

Sweating can reduce the effect of the tanning process, so you should stay in cool space until your tan sets.

  1. Don’t Take A Shower at Least Two Hours After Applying Self-tanner

Different self-Tanner lotions give different waiting times. However, one thing you should know, your tan can clear away if it does not have enough time to be absorbed in the skin.

  1. Don’t Rub Off Your Tan

Maintain your faux glow tan for a long time by patting dry, taking a warm shower, and moisturizing each day after getting out.

In conclusion, many people always desire to get a perfect tan, which makes them more attractive and confident when going out. However, all the skin areas including the chest and the breasts should be applied self-tanner carefully and thoroughly. The above self-tanning tips for breasts at home can give you necessary information when to get your faux glow look.

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