Self-Motivation: Pushing Yourself To Take on Daily Challenges

Each person has to face the unfamiliar daily. As each day is unpredictable, every person on the planet struggles to move forward and conquer their fear. Adults are most vulnerable to these situations. They traverse from home to work, so they face some adversity daily.

A serviced office Makati, Manila or any vibrant city is no exception. There are more challenges in these workplaces compared to those out of an urban setting. Thus, employees need to empower themselves to keep grinding.

If you wish to extend your self-perseverance or amp up your motivation bar, here are some ways to do it.

Think about its worth.

When you consider how much you will gain after taking the venture, you get a sense of fulfillment after achieving the task or goal. This kind of thinking is different from taking in how much you are willing to give or sacrifice upon reaching the end. The mindset makes you look forward to the rewards rather than the sacrifices you are bound to make.

To help you gain a one-track mind, list all the positive things or the benefits of the situation. Take note of the items you don’t have at the moment. Taking on the challenge helps you realize that you will come out a different person afterward.

Accept the negative feeling.

Feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed by the endeavor is a natural feeling. You need to accept the moments where you will harbor negative feelings towards the activity. As much as possible, acknowledge your emotions and know that they are bound to pass.

After recognizing your thoughts and contradictions, tell yourself that these will change. They are present at the moment, but they will change once you start to take on the challenge.

Focus on resolving the situation.

Instead of dwelling on the current state of your emotions, you can shift your focus on coming up with various solutions. The feeling is likely to stick for a while, but it doesn’t mean it is true. Concrete actions and fixes are most likely to span for a long time, more than the concerns forming in your head.

You can meditate or spend some time in solitude to come up with a plan of action. Start with the little things you can finish with little effort or short term. Having a small sense of achievement is an efficient fuel of motivation. If you have a hard time coming up with results, you can approach a friend and colleague or seek advice from a mentor. That way, you get a fresh perspective on the situation and gain a new method of overcoming it.

Recognize your hard work.

Always take time to pat yourself on the back. No matter how big or small your achievement is, you still deserve to celebrate its success. Treat yourself to a fancy dinner or a sumptuous snack. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it makes you happy and it makes you feel relaxed.

When you allow yourself to this, you recognize your abilities and play up your strengths. You empower yourself even if no one else does. Moreover, you work on making better choices and options for yourself.

Alternate between tasks and breaks.

Working towards a solution doesn’t translate to exhaustion. You can still pursue your end goal even if you take breaks. Take time away from your task and activities. Get some time off your work to continue the actions you need to sustain a healthy life. Remember to eat meals and include playtime daily. Setting a schedule is an excellent way to retain the balance of your daily life.

Stay focused and have fun.

The key to conquering a challenge is by thinking that it’s over before it even starts. When you trust on yourself and accept your wins, you will emerge victoriously. Doubts and uncertainties will cloud vision during the process. When that happens, retain your focus and proceed to the idea of what you want to achieve. The image will back you up and give you the mental resilience to continue.

Most of all, remember to have fun. Nothing is worth doing if you aren’t enjoying yourself. Learn to find joy in the process even if it’s a struggle. Switching your perspective from negative to positive is a way to train your brain to embrace the different sides of life – whether at home or in your workplace.

The best thing you can do is to trust the process and neglect the doubts in your head. Life is complicated enough; you don’t need the additional stress from yourself.

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