Selecting The Perfect Shades of Lipstick

Getting married soon? You must have already given a lot of thought on how you can look your best on the day of your wedding. Your wedding look will be captured in a lot of photographs as well, which makes it really important that you take care of your looks as these will be the memories that you’ll be carrying with you for your entire life. 

When you are going for nothing less than a perfect look, it becomes really important that even the smallest of the details are given proper thought. Lipstick is one such thing that can break or make a perfect bridal look. When shortlisting the lip colors you have to consider various things like your skin tone and the outfit that you’ll be wearing for your wedding. 

According to a makeup artist in Mumbai, pink, red and corals are some shades that are most popular among the brides. But, in the end, it all comes to selecting the right shade based on the skin tone, be it fair, medium or dark, and also on the makeup that the bride will be adorning. 

Here we have described all the things that we believe will come in really handy when you’re looking for the right lipstick to combine with the makeup and get you a look that’ll be appreciated by the various guests.  

Shades Of Lipstick To Choose From 


The subtle shades of nudes look really classic for the brides who are going to sport a natural look on the wedding day. These shades are best suited for fairer skin tones. When sporting a nude lipstick you must ensure that you carefully select the eye makeup as they will be the highlight of the look and will do all the talking.

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Red is a shade that is bold but yet looks elegant and stylish. Reds come in a huge palette of colors and you can definitely find a shade that works for you. For the fairer skin types, cherry colors of red in the middle of the palette will be perfect; while for the wheatish skin tones brighter reds with hints of orange will look great and the dusky beauties can opt for deep reds.


Wearing a shade of pink lipstick on your D-Day is sure to pop up your bridal look.  The pink shades look really radiant and romantic and with a whole spectrum of pink hues to choose from, there is always something for every skin tone. 

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Choosing The Right Finish


If you want to feature a look that is bold and dramatic, then select a lipstick with a matte finish. This will grab all the attention to your pout and will surely look amazing in all of your photographs.

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Not as bold as the matte look but just enough to make a statement, the glossy lipsticks will provide a long-lasting sheen to the lips. Sporting a glossy lipstick is the safest bet and will be great if you have dry lips. 


If you are confused in choosing between the matte lipstick and a glossy one then you can always go with semi-matte. It will give a matte look to your lips with just a little bit of shine and will help keep your lips moisturized. 

According To Skin Tones

Fair Skin Tones

Most of the hues look really good on the fair skin tones. If you have a fair complexion then you can go ahead with any of those vibrant shades. You can easily select from some great deep reds, fuchsias, and plums without worrying about anything going wrong.

Wheatish Skin Tones

Choosing the right shade for the wheatish skin tone is really tough. But since we are here you don’t need to worry anymore. For the daytime sport a classic bridal look makup and go for nudes and lighter shades of corals; while at the evening go for darker shades in the palette like brick red, wine, and burgundy.

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Dusky Skin Tones

Dusky skin acts as a canvas on which you can actually try poppy shades. It is much a possibility that for the regular use you must be using copper brown or a shade of peach. But, these won’t cut for the wedding day and you can opt for shades of reds and magenta.

With this, we’ve covered almost every lipstick shades for bride that will help you out in finding the right lip shade for you to wear on the day of your wedding for a perfect bridal look.

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