Seating Made Comfortable with Wheelchair Gel Seat Cushion

Wheelchair is a chair with wheels. It is a vehicle used by handicapped and physically challenged people to move themselves around on their own, without seeking assistance from others. Since handicapped people have to use this chair whenever they are sitting and also when they want to move around, they end up sitting in the wheelchair for several hours during the day, except when they are in bed.

Due to this, a patient who uses the wheelchair needs some sort of seating comfort. We all know that seats without cushions are very uncomfortable, and the same applies to a wheelchair as well. A patient resting his butt on the chair for long hours is applying pressure and making constant contact with the base of the chair, thereby giving no air gaps. This may result in infection due to constant pressure while sitting. This is where a wheelchair gel seat cushion enters the scene.

It is a special seat cushion designed to provide therapeutic support to the butt and back while sitting in it, and to ease any discomfort to the person.  This seat cushion is highly effective in relieving people who have to sit in it for long hours. Let’s talk a bit about these cushions.

Why Do You Need A Gel Seat Cushion in Your Wheelchair?

Sitting in a wheelchair for long periods with poor posture can give striking pain to your coccyx. It is the lower part of your spine where a number of small bones combine together to make a triangle. Pain in this area can be efficiently relieved by using a wheelchair gel seat cushion.  A seat cushion filled with gel does not cut off circulation in your body or restrict your movements. Gel helps to maintain the flow of blood below the tailbone, thus easing the pressure and spreading it evenly to make the patient comfortable in his or her seat. It also eliminates pressure spikes while sitting, thereby allowing you to sit for several hours at a stretch in comfort. With its gel filling and the comfortable materials used for its making, the cushion becomes a durable and ergonomically designed seating to maximize comfort.

How the Gel Seat Cushions Are Built?

Wheelchair gel seat cushion has a base of silicon layer made up of Trugel with a foam base made up of 48 interconnected air-filled cells. Twin valves inflate the cushion, and it becomes an easy-to-maintain product with its waterproof stretch and washable material.

A gel seat cushion is the most advanced cushioning material available today made from the ultra-modern copolymer, Wonder Gel. It is effective in providing complete support to your body while eliminating pressure spikes.

Benefits of Using Gel Seat Cushions

These are some of the major benefits of using gel seat cushions on wheelchairs:

  • Wheelchair gel seat cushion relieves the patient of any discomfort while sitting in the wheelchair
  • It prevents pressure sores by evenly distributing the pressure
  • Reduces pressure and pain on the tail bone
  • Reduces leg pain and muscle strain
  • Giving overall relaxation to all reflexes in the body, thereby giving mental happiness to the patient

Things to Consider Before Buying A Gel Cushion

Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while buying a wheelchair gel seat cushion:

  • Size – Should be measured to fit.
  • Mobility and position – Flat or contoured, based on the patient’s comfort needs
  • Securing – It should be strapped to the chair to avoid any falls
  • Cleaning – The covers should be waterproof and washable


Comfort is the major need for those who are in wheelchairs. A wheelchair gel seat cushion makes it comfortable for the patient to sit in the wheelchair for several hours a day. Keep the mentioned points in mind while purchasing a wheelchair gel seat cushion and get the most benefit out of it.

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