In India wedding holds an utmost importance in a girl’s life! Parents start preparing for this day the moment a girl child is born. Undoubtedly gold jewelry is the center of attraction during any Indian wedding, and parents’ startputting together the jewellery pieces years before the actual day. This is done to avoid investing in wedding jewellery in one go which proves to be heavy on one’s pocket. So, if you are someone who is on the same path, then we suggest that you start investing in purchasing gold coins and gold bars today.

Why is a good idea to purchase pure gold bar and coins!

Gold is one such precious metal that’s always in demand and considered as one of the oldest investment instrument in the history of mankind. It is also thought to be auspicious to purchase gold on dhanteras and akshaya tritiya, as buying gold on these occasions brings endless wealth into the family.

So, on such occasions, instead of buying Jewellery pieces like earrings, necklaces or rings, purchase gold coins and bars, and here’s why:-

  • There are no making charges or labour charges involved while purchasing a gold coin or bar as against purchasing gold jewellery. So you get more weight in less price.
  • Gold jewellery may lose its value over a period of time due to wear and tear, but the gold coin rate only appreciates.
  • There may be some amount of deduction if you are investing in jewellery studded with precious and semi-precious stone while exploring the buy-back option, which is eliminated in case of gold coins and bars.
  • Gold designs may go out of fashion after few years, but if you have gold coins or bars you can exchange them at any reputed gold jewelers for latest designs.
  • Investing into gold coin can start with as small as 0.5gms, which isn’t possible with gold ornaments.

Places from where gold coins/bars can be purchased

  • Indian Post Office: One can purchase gold coins from Indian Post Office, while various denominations of weights are available,people tend to invest only lower denomination and value of gold coins and bars here.
  • Banks: All national and international banks these days make available different quantities of gold coins ranging from as low as 1gm for their customers to purchase. The gold coins sold by banks are 24Karat, however these banks do not offer a buy-back option for the gold coins and bars on the directives of RBI (Reserve Bank of India).
  • Local Jewelers: Most of the Indian crowds flock to local jewelers to purchase ornaments. These local jewelers also sell gold coins and bars, which are comparatively lower in cost, however the quality of the gold is questionable. These do not come with any purity seal or hallmark.
  • Reputed and Branded Jewelers: All the leading jewellery brand outlets sell gold coins and bars. One can be assured of quality as the gold coins come with the hallmark which is a sign of their purity.

Looking for trusted jewelers?

A brand which has a sturdy reputation in the market and comes first to our minds is Vaibhav Jewellers. They are the leading name in the south Indian jewellery market and have a very strong brand presence across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Their online website Vaibhav Jewellers is a must visit. One click and you are presented with varied options of gold, diamond and temple jewellery.

Visit their gifts & coins section to explore the various weights of gold coins available with them. One will find gold coins ranging between 0.5gm to even 90gms in weight. All the gold coins are 24Karat gold with 999.9 purity and fineness and have a stamp of MMTC –PAMP to validate the same. From cliché simple gold coins to coins embossed with deity figures like Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha, motifs, Gold Sovereign 2017 they have them all.

They offer a flexible exchange and buy back option in store and on their website. The rate of exchange is the prevailing rate of the day and that can be checked on their website on daily basis. You can exchange the gold coins and bars to some fabulous designer gold ornaments.

So, if you have some extra cash in hand or are expecting your bonus to come in, then invest into small ticket prices rather than waiting to make one big purchase. This inculcates the habit of saving and can prove to be beneficial in the long run!

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