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I am working as a project engineer in an MNC. Because of the work nature of my profile, I need to travel to different countries. In this row, I visited Nagoya, Japan last year for some business-related work. My job profile compliments me quite well because I am also a food blogger and a fervent traveler. Whenever I visit a new country, I always try to taste the authentic local food and delicacies of that country.

When I was informed that I need to go to Nagoya for a new project, my very first question to the authorities was – in which airline you guys are booking my tickets? They told me that I will have a reservation on Thai Airways. Since it was a long-haul journey, I was curious to know the services provided by the airline during my trip. I also called on the Thai Airways contact number USA +1-844-915-2138  to validate the details given on the official website.

I was going there for 6 months, so I decided to take my wife with me. Hence, I started looking for some Thai Airways deals on flight booking. And then I got to know about the Reservations Number. On this online flight booking portal, I saved 30% on the online Thai Airways booking. And when it comes to the services of Thai Airways, I must say it is one of the best airlines to fly from the USA to Japan. The cabin crew of this airline was so good and polite. I would surely book my tickets on this airline in the future too.

Places to See in Nagoya, Japan

Because of the opening onto the ‘Pacific Ocean’, this beautiful city is the busiest port in the country. It has also been marked as one of the leading manufacturing sites of textiles and ceramics. Several historic sites of this place remain intact including the 16th-century castle. I was there for a whole 6 months so I along with my wife spent a good time here and explored numerous places including the ones listed below:

  1.       Atsuta Jingu

Atsuta Jingu or Atsuta Shrine was established in the 1st century AD. Today, it is one of the most popular spots of its well-preserved imperial insignia – the ‘Grass Mowing Sword’ which is one of only three. As per the mythology of Japan, this sword particularly belonged to the Susanoo – the storm god. If you are in the search of some peace, then you must visit this place at least once.

  1.       Nagoya Castle

Completed in 1959, it is one of the most visited and popular landmarks of this city. Originally built in 1612, the major highlights of this place include the 48-meter tall tower. Well-known for its glided dolphins, this tower now has a museum having various art treasures like sliding doors, painted wall screens, wall paintings, etc. Here, you can enjoy an extensive view of this vibrant city. If you are not reluctant to winter trips, seeing this castle shrouded in snow will ‘never-to-be-forgotten’ experience for you.

  1.       The Museum Meiji-Mura or Meiji Village

Situated only 24 km north of the main city center, this is an open-air museum featuring several examples of the architecture of Japan from the period of 1868-1912. This site consists of over 60 buildings including the famous Imperial Hotel, designed by well-known architect Frank Lloyd Wright from America. Other intriguing structures of this place include a post office, churches, prison, bathhouses, and homes. Here, you can also enjoy the historic bus and tram service which is quite a fun diversion for children.

  1.       The Tokugawa and Nagoya City Art Museums

Best known for its world-class art facilities, the Tokugawa and Nagoya City Art Museum is home to numerous treasures including several items of porcelain, fine paintings, documents, and weapons. Opened in 1987, it also consists of a collection that includes the creations of Surrealist artists, Sean Scully, Alexander Calder, Kansuke Yamamoto, etc.

  1.       The Port of Nagoya

Even though it is a port, it has become a popular tourist attraction in past few years. When you are here, do not forget to visit the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, Fuji, Sea Train Land, etc. It is such an outstanding place to enjoy fine walkways.

In addition to these places, Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens, Nagoya TV Tower and Hisaya Ōdori Park, Toyota Techno and Toyota Automobile Museums, The Temples of Ōsu, Noritake Garden and Ceramics Factory Tour, and Legoland Japan are my favorite spots. However, you should only book your flight tickets through the Reservations Number +1-844-915-2138 to find the best Thai Airways deals and save more.

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