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While the Moon in Libra is void-of-course, Saturn turns retrograde and it’s back to the school of life to work on the lesson that’s up for you.

Saturn doesn’t have a great reputation in astrology. Lord of Karma. Taskmaster. Father Time. Great Malefic. Saturn rules the limitations of fear, so it makes sense that Saturn has these fear-inducing names.

As someone with a harsh, exact Saturn aspect in my natal chart, I now have the authority to share that Saturn isn’t the bad guy people fear. If you have a repeating problem in your life, it’s usually Saturn patiently waiting for you to get with the essential principles of life.

With Saturn, there’s no faking it or avoiding life. Saturn means serious business. You’re an infinite being that’s here for a reason. You’re learning how to work with your spiritual essence in this heavy, dense, physical world. It does take effort. It takes focus and discipline too.

Venus squares Saturn today to begin this retrograde cycle. Venus will move from Pisces to Virgo and square Saturn in Sagittarius when it goes direct in August. Love and money will be the areas that Saturn will be testing during this time.

Open your heart. Forgive those who’ve caused you pain. Steadily apply yourself to whatever increases your compassion and financial security. Use affirmations, meditation and prayer to release fear and negative feelings.

Any spiritual practice is supported by this time. The more you connect with all of you, the more you’ll be grateful for the hard work that’s brought you to this point.

Saturn’s reward is unshakeable self-esteem.

Use your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant to read your personal horoscope.

Aries – You may be searching for a new moral or spiritual framework while Saturn is retrograde. You are so attuned to the subtle realms of reality that you’ve been unclear how that can mesh with a perspective that makes sense to you. What you seek is the mystery within. You don’t need to give up your power to anything. You do need to trust.

Taurus – There’s so much going on under the surface and you’ve only felt comfortable sharing it with a few. You long to merge with the depths of what you feel through intimacy with others – and you also strongly resist it. With Saturn retrograde you’ll want to look deeper into what’s keeping you from what you desire.

Gemini – A lot’s been said about your relationship focus. Saturn has a bit more to add. Relationships begin within. The lighter, freer and more comfortable you feel with your own being, the easier dynamics with others will be. This may come up by way of feeling unappreciated today. Have you given yourself credit?

Cancer – The serious work continues. Your day-to-day efforts are under examination to become more efficient at what you do, so that you can do more. Consider what really matters and what doesn’t as much. You’re integrating the many impressive facets of you into perfect synergy to move toward your concentrated efforts with grace.

Leo – You’re feeling so many deep connections. Disappointment arises when you don’t reach your audience as you’d like. Dear Leo, there’s no lack of love in your life. There’s only your inner doubt that needs to dissolve with the pure radiant heart that lives within you. Practice true self-love on an hourly, daily basis while Saturn is retrograde.

Virgo – There’s so much going on at home and your inner world. You have a perspective on how far you’ve come that affirms the security you’re seeking. Saturn wants you to focus on all of you – including the parts of you that you’re afraid to share. Bit by bit, trust more of yourself. You’ll be amazed by the result.

Libra – You’re intent on finding a way to convert your powerful thoughts into different expressions to successfully communicate your ideas. Whatever medium you prefer, have faith that you’ll overcome any deficits you may think you have. You’ll blossom through your dedicated commitment to share what you know with others.

Scorpio – You may have discovered material things aren’t as important as you thought while Saturn has been in Sagittarius for the past year. You want to build more joy and creative expression in your life. You’ll find the way by setting your standards and planning how you can serve others.

Sagittarius – More than anything, you need to stay active while Saturn in Sagittarius is retrograde. You might want more freedom but there will be time for that later after you deepen your concentration on your self-expression. This may feel like a cross to bear, but it will mold you into a better version of yourself.

Capricorn – You’ve got great ideas to expand your horizons that connect you with the essence of life. With Saturn, your planetary ruler, retrograde, you’re going to need discipline and consistent attention to your vision. Do what you do for the love of it. Other rewards will come with time.

Aquarius – Saturn, the karmic taskmaster is your Sun’s traditional ruler. Your actions with groups will require more of a concentrated effort while Saturn is retrograde. You’ll need to express your truth, no matter what, and sacrifice your ego for the whole. There’s really no way around this.

Pisces – Are you doing everything you can to advance your interests? Maybe you want to share your knowledge with others. You have the opportunity to transform your own struggles by extending your hard-earned lessons to enlighten those who don’t know what you know.

Today’s Aspects:
  • Saturn stations retrograde at 3:01am PDT/11:01am GMT/10:01pm AEST
  • Venus in Pisces opposite Jupiter at 4:48am PDT/12:48pm GMT/11:48am AEST
  • Venus in Pisces square Saturn at 9:48am PDT/5:48pm GMT/4:48am AEST
  • Moon enters Scorpio at 11:09am PDT/7:09pm GMT/6:09am AEST
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