Samsung Galaxy S9 will be the first professional smartphone

The innovation of Samsung can be seen with the arrival of Galaxy S8, and it will not settle until the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018.

The camera configuration of Samsung Galaxy S8 goes on the next level. By default, it runs a standard automatic mode, when the smartphone itself adjusts everything, and the user just selects the filter (unless, of course, wants), and presses the button.In contrast, there is a professional automation mode with the possibility of manual fine-tuning of each shooting parameter.”Selective Focus” allow you to make interactive picture with variable focus.We must make a clear main object? Select from below “Middle trick.”It would be desirable to consider the background? “Far focus.” And, by all this Samsung proves that it is making a very professional smartphone in form of Samsung Galaxy S9.

Among other individual explanations of shooting modes is also worthy of “Live Webcast”. It allows you to connect your YouTube account to stream and what is happening on the screen at the same time with a picture with the front camera. Trendy mobile gamers definitely appreciate this feature in the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Last worth mentioning mode – a “virtual photography”. Catch of interest to us the subject in the center of the lens, we start shooting and go around in a circle object. The resulting animation is tied to a gyroscope smartphone and allows you to re-examine the subject filmed from any angle.Other photo mode, such as acceleration and deceleration shooting, panorama, combining images and “Food” are quite popular and are self-explanatory.Galaxy S9 can shoot Full HD video at 260 fps and, 4K video at 120 frames per second. Stabilization is supported in all modes.The front camera is not characterized by fascinating characteristics.Standard 5 megapixel in conjunction with adjustable lighting and facial correction tools do their job and give excellent selfie.


With the Samsung Galaxy S9 release date, you will definitely appreciate the Samsung for its living innovation in the technology, and you for sure Galaxy S9 will become your perfect selfie partner. Question is when it will happen; the answer is next year 2018. So, wait for the next year to get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

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