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If you’re in relationship and living in Mumbai, here are some amazing weekend getaways you can enjoy with your partner. If coming from another city yet want to check out these beautiful locations,  all you need to do is to check for Delhi to Mumbai train ticket price and pack your bags.

Goa – From sun kissed shores to lively flea-markets to spectacular colonial buildings, there are a lot of areas to go to in Goa that it’s difficult to match them all in one excursion. A great place to try watersports, enjoy a really diverse dining scene, as well as night long parties at the beachfront nightclubs and you realize you will undoubtedly be spoilt for choice. From exploring the finest of beaches, nightclubs, pubs, markets and festivals, Goa is also a great place to spend a lovely time with your partner. The Fontainhas, Palolem Beach, Tito’s and Anjuna Beach are a few of the top areas which can-not be missed in your trip. Check for Delhi to Mumbai train ticket price and enjoy a great couple time.

Ganpatipule – A small village in Ratnagiri district, is amongst the most stunning beaches along the western coast. Crystal clear and studded with mangroves and coconut palms, it’s the perfect holiday for romantic couples, particularly from a city like Mumbai seeking for a little serenity amidst all the cacophony. Pay your respects in the Ganesha temple while you are there. The beachfront offers a blissful experience and you can enjoy your stay at the shore facing Tourism Development Resorts.

Tarkarli – With its white sands and blue hued waterbody, the beach is an excellent spot to relax and try hot Malvani food, which is made using the freshly catched, clean fishes from the sea. Situated a couple of hours from Mumbai, at the Konkan coast, the star attraction of Tarkali is the thin, extended and pure shore. There’s also a 17th century fort on a small islet off the shore, which can be reached simply by a ferry.

Panchgani – Drawing its name from the surrounding array of five hills, Panchgani provides a window to a refreshing yet romantic holiday. The hill station is located at a distance of about merely 38 yards below Mahabaleshwar, at an altitude of 1334 meters. The hill-station is surrounded with wonderful views of the flatlands at one side with the water body on another side. A community that is quintessentially, it provides a charm that harks into a period passed by. There are some outdated northeastern buildings turned into cozy guest houses and few centuries old hostels.

Gokarna – Situated about 130 kms from Margao, this coastal town in the state of Karnataka nestles some of the many pristine and private beaches in India. Om Beach, called following its Om formed expanse is exotic place to spend a romantic outing. Such is the beauty of the little coastal city that it will put even Dubai tourists attraction to shame. Since it is the sole one reachable by automobile, it is a front-runner with amongst regular party goers. Kudle Beach is another fantastic location to enjoy a peaceful and romantic stay.

So, apart from the marvels of Mumbai tourism, these places in the vicinity are great to spend time with your partner.

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