Right Process for Clearing and Relining Blocked Drains and Pipes

Many houses, some time or the other have experienced the problem of blocked drains and pipes. Clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes can be very difficult. Here are the things that can block the drains and pipe.

Why the Drains and Pipes Get Blocked? 

  • Blocks Caused by Hair: Small amounts of hair and foreign particles can block the pipes and the drain. The little hairs falling during the shower is the leading cause of this issue.
  • Blocks Caused by Plants: The natural wastes of plants and trees can cause blocks in the drain and the pipes. It can happen in the spring and the autumn season. The roots of the trees can penetrate into your underground drainage lines and blocked your sewage lines completely. In this case, you need to replace your old pipelines installed at the underground level which will cost you a huge amount. But you can save this cost by hiring clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes services. They will locate the blocked areas with their CCTVs and reline your drainage lines with PVC materials.
  • Blocks Caused by Grease: The grease and the fat wastes can build up in the kitchen and can lead to blockage. Such oils and greases can accumulate dust and other particles inside the drain and block the pipelines. It will clog the pipes of the drain and will not allow water to flow through the drain.
  • Blocks Caused by Bathroom Products: Many people have the habit of draining the bathroom products in the drain, such as diaper and tissue paper. When these products are flushed in the pipe, it can cause blockages. Such types of products immerse in the water and become large. So, it will lead to clogs in the drain.
  • Blocks Caused by Weather Changes: During the raining season, the drains and the pipes are more prone to blockages. It is the time where most people need help in clearing and relining the blocked drains and pipes.

Fix the Block with These Steps 

There are many ways to take care of the blocked drain. So here are the methods for Clearing and relining the blocked drains and pipes.

  • Firstly, you can use the plumber’s rod that needs to be pushed down inside the drain to locate the clogged areas. Then you can use this plunger to plug-out the deposited garbage from your drains.
  • For quickly and efficiently fixing the blocked drain, you can try pouring the hot water in the drain. This method has to be only used in metal or ceramic types of pipes. Grease or food build up in the drain can be taken care of by the hot water method. Even, you can mix some vinegar with hote water to clean your drain.
  • Some specific cleaners are available in the market, which dissolves hair, food, and grease. But the cleaners have to be used carefully as it is harmful. You must avoid toxic cleaners because they can spread some germs inside your property.
  • You can make DIY cleaners for clearing and relining blocked drains and pipes. Make a liquid by mixing baking soda with white vinegar. Pour this mixture in the drain. Cover the drain because the mixture will bubble up. Do the process again and again for the complete clearance of the drain. But you cannot reline the drain with your DIY tools, and you must rely on a professional blocked drain cleaning service in this regard.

So you can search such clearing and relining blocked drains and pipe services online, and choose the best one after checking their customer reviews.

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