Representing Your Business Overseas: Tips for Brand Ambassadors On Location

Business travellers venturing overseas to represent their brand are ambassadors for themselves, their company and their country. Whilst this might at first seem like a daunting prospect, business travel offers a unique opportunity to market your brand to a completely fresh and often far more extensive audience.

As such, the marketing experts at The Events Structure have offered their helpful hand in today’s post – providing their best tips for brand ambassadors on location to help you effectively represent your business internationally.


Whether it’s your first ever business trip, or simply your first of the week, preparation is vital for any professional visit overseas.

Though it may sound obvious, ensuring you have an up-to-date passport and all relevant travel documents (including visas and insurance) should always be step one for anyone looking to represent their brand overseas. This should be done as early as possible to allow time for any red tape you have to get through before being issued with clearance into a country.

Make sure your flight times are synchronized with any airport transfers that may have been arranged, bearing time differences in mind during your planning. Ensure your hotel has speedy WiFi connection so you can stay responsive to emails and calls, or perhaps consider purchasing a portable WiFi device as a backup.

Remember to take jet lag into account before booking in any immediate plans for post-arrival. As a brand ambassador, it’s important that you’re on top of your game whenever you’re meeting with others. Thus, it’s imperative to allow time for your body to adjust to a different time zone.


Smart dress is an essential part of every professional’s wardrobe and, when abroad, suitcase. Make sure you have enough clean outfits for all scheduled business meetings, and a couple more just in case. Packing a spare change of clothes in your on-board luggage is an ideal extra precaution, ensuring you can still remain a professional ambassador for your brand, regardless of any unavoidable luggage transfer issues.

Carrying a travel-sized first-aid kit can also be a lifesaver when you need it most, covering very basic medical supplies such as plasters and paracetamol. The upkeep of your health is of fundamental importance to your self-presentation, and, subsequently, the representation of your brand. While some more serious illnesses may require a hospital visit, minor ailments such as headaches can often be dealt with quickly and easily to ensure you maintain the best face you can.

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Though the allure of travelling abroad may spark the adventurer or relaxer in you, it’s important to remember the purpose of your trip.

You are there as an international brand ambassador, and as such must act in a professional and friendly manner at all times. Utilise social media and existing contacts to arrange meetings, attend conferences and participate in events that will help spread the word of your brand.

When meeting people, you must present yourself as authentic. If people instinctively buy into you as a person, they will instinctively buy into your brand – thus, building authentic relationships with potential clients and partners is important to establish a genuine connection between consumer, partner and brand.

Consider taking business cards and perhaps some examples of your product range with you when conducting international business. Not only does this give a better impression of who exactly you are, but with some easily identifiable branding, it also allows you to remain memorable long after your return flight home.

If the consumer market is your target, never underestimate the power of social media. Link up with local businesses and establish who your local target audience is and how to reach them through all social channels. Remember, if travelling abroad, it is likely your brand is new to many of these consumers – so a custom marketing strategy is vital to ensure your brand gives the very best first impression. Understand how your existing strategy applies to your new target market’s cultural and business practices, and tweak it accordingly to give it a chance to make the greatest impact possible.

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Following these tips will guarantee a successful representation of your brand overseas and ensure that you are the very best international brand ambassador you can be.

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