Rental House Hunting Guide for Couples

Moving in together as a couple can take things to the next level for your relationship, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds either! Apart from being an emotional process, it is also physically tiring to move places, and this time you have to think for two people, instead of just yourself.

From judgemental neighbors and family pressures to landlords disallowing couples as tenants, you will face a multitude of unique problems when you look out for rooms for rent for couples. As long as you encounter them all together, as a team, things will turn out to be alright in the end! All you need is a little bit of planning, preparedness, and coordination!

If this is your first time looking for rooms for rent near you for couples, here is all the information that you might need,

  1. Make realistic and honest goals.

Sitting down with your other half and having an honest discussion about your goals and expectations is a MUST. Moving into a room for rent for couples might look like a dreamy and perfect situation on the telly, but in real life, it’s all about being realistic in your approaches. From how much space you both might need to having roommates to save on the money, everything must be pre-decided. When you plan adequately before moving, you are keeping your precious relationship from further conflict and arguments.

Calculate your rental budget and try to stick to it by persevering through all the impulsive purchases and wasteful spending. Keeping each other on the track, especially when it comes to finances, is crucial. If this is your first renting experience, learning a ton of responsibility comes with the part, no matter how much you avoid it!

  1. Decide the location together.

The location of your rental must be convenient for both you as well as your partner. If you’re working or studying, there could be numerous options on rooms for rent for couples nearby and at affordable rates. In case you choose to rent out a room on the outskirts of your city, make sure to have accessible public transport routes at arms reach to make commute faster and cheaper.

  1. Settle how you would pay the rent

Settling the rent every month might be a tricky business. Both partners must share the rent equally or according to their capacity. It is improbable that two individuals have the same financials, and hence, you must both come to a fair consensus as to what ratio the rent could be divided in. If you want to make things more fool-proof, you can add it into the rental agreement after discussing it with your landlord.

Make sure to never miss out on this step to avoid future miscommunication. In metropolitan cities, having a room for rent for couples can be sky-high at times, and hence sharing the burden is the only right choice! It also makes you accountable and in-charge of your life. Once you know how expensive the world is, you could also inculcate some saving habits!

  1. List your demands on a renting portal.

There is no longer a need to set out on foot exploring various neighborhoods and looking for listing from the newspapers! Times have evolved, making things more manageable than they’ve been in the past. Now you have to choose between a variety of trustworthy portals to seek rooms for rent for couples. You can fill in your demands like the number of bedrooms, pet-friendly, couple-friendly, and gay-friendly rentals to avoid complications. Many societies and buildings don’t allow specific categories of individuals due to societal discrimination. Having a convenient renting portal saves you from having an awkward conversation with the landlord by making it all digital!

  1. Talk to the potential landlord.

Digital screening is well and good but talking to your future landlord one-on-one gives you a better idea of what you’re in for. Having an understanding and non-judgemental landlord is, without doubt, very important, and they should also allow you the privacy you need without interfering in personal matters. This is necessary when they live in the same house while renting out a room for you. Be thorough, and don’t be scared to ask a few hard questions!

  1. Read through the renting clauses.

Signing a legal document binds you to all the rental clauses it contains. It is better to be safe than sorry and read through the entire rental agreement line-by-line to understand the rules and regulations. You can also find a professional representative to guide you through the process and making your rental experience seamless! While renting a room for couples might be unorthodox, it is gaining popularity all over the world!

  1. Discuss the boundaries and rules in advance

Before considering rooms for rent for couples, discuss the boundaries and non-negotiable rules between your landlord, partner, and you. It is imperative to be on the same page regarding timelines, etiquette, and household chores. Living together essentially makes you roommates, and every roommate has to contribute to the process equally.

  1. Communicate through the process

Last but not least, living with someone is very different from seeing them once in a while. It brings out the absolute best and sometimes the worst in you. Be prepared to have problems and, moreover, be ready to communicate like you never have before. Keeping things inside you just causes resentment, and a healthy relationship has no room for bitterness. Talk it out and enjoy all the different phases of your life together!

Now that you’re all prepared to rock the co-living system with your partner, say goodbye to any lonely nights you have been having!

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