Remember Your Big Day With Marvelous Wedding Photo Frames


At the end of the day, your big day is also just like any other day. Yes, it is probably the most important day in your life, but it doesn’t count if you don’t have memories to relive. That’s where wedding photos can be so essential. Even more so, hiring the right wedding photographer could be a crucial decision in this regard. But we aren’t going to talk about that. You have got your wedding photos clicked, and selected the ones you want to get framed. It boils down to the frame now. Here are some ideas for your wedding photo frames, including how to arrange them.

Frame within a frame

wedding photo-frame

This is a really cool trend that is sweeping the wedding world right now. Get your favorite wedding photo framed in your favorite frame. Have your two favorite people hold up that frame and ask the photographer to click a picture. Usually, people go for kids. But they can be anyone really. If you can get them dresses in the same color as you are wearing on the wedding day, the photo will come out even better.

Once the photo is done, get it framed within the same frame in which the original photo was done. It makes for a pretty interesting picture.

Arrangement on a wall


Get a motif of a tree painted on your photo wall. Keep your wedding photo in the center. Make sure it is large enough. Keep adding to the tree as you reach milestones in your married life. It could be your first car together, you first home, your first anniversary, kids, and so on; there are plenty of milestones to display on your wedding wall. For this arrangement to work though, your wedding photo frame needs to be the right size so that it is center of the arrangement, and yet it should be not so large that is obliterates all the other photos that will be hung around it.

Go rustic

Memories invoke nostalgia, and a rustic wedding photo frame will only accentuate that nostalgia. The photo does not necessarily have to be in black and white though. Think sepia, or even the original color. The photo needs to have enough warmth to work with the rustic frame.

wedding-photo frame

Floral hoop

Get a large metal ring from your local hardware store. Get some doctor’s tape. Make sure that it is wide enough. Select your best wedding photos in black and white, stick them to the tape, and fill the inside of the hollow metal ring with them. When you follow these steps you have your very own DIY wedding photo frame. To add more to it, you can also add small floral bouquets on the edge of the ring. Do you want to make even more interesting? Go frame within frame. Hold the ring with your husband, get clicked, and get it framed within a rectangular frame that can occupy a neat wall in your room. Make sure you don’t have too many things decorating the wall though. It takes away from the essence of decoration. So, select the most beautiful photo frame for your room that recall your wedding day.

Wooden frames

wedding photo F

If you are pushed for cash, or if you want to little quirky with your wedding photo frames, get some stones, and some metal wire from your local hardware store. Wound the wire around the stone, and then stick your wedding photos to it. Make a grouping of stones, with each one holding a photo. Display it proudly by your bedside, or wherever else you wish.

Cardboard frames

This is another DIY idea for your wedding photo frame. Simply cut cardboard in interesting shapes, with your photo in the center.

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