Have you been hearing about Reiki healing around you a lot and wondering what it is? Fret not! This article will introduce you to Reiki healing. Emerged in Japan, Reiki healing is a type of energy healing therapy. It works with the notion that all of us have energy within us to maintain our health and wellness. Various mental, physical, and emotional problems can arise if the energy is unblocked or low.

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Reiki Healing: A Brief Introduction

Reiki is made up of the Japanese words- “rei” and “ki”, wherein “rei” means universal and “ki” means life energy. Reiki deals with the universal life energy which is in all of us. This is why Reiki is seen as a type of energy healing technique. Reiki is a non-invasive way of transferring positive energy that promotes wellness and improves your quality of life. Reiki healing is believed to target the energy fields in your body. The Reiki practitioners say that energy can sometimes stagnate in the body, especially in areas where there has been emotional pain or injury. Reiki healers say that the energy should be allowed to flow freely through an individual’s body and mind. When the energy is stagnated or blocked or unable to flow correctly, it can cause negative effects on an individual’s mind and body.

Reiki healing can ensure that energy is flowing freely in your body by removing the energy blocks. This can ensure that you get optimum mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional healing. The primary purpose of Reiki healing is not only to ensure your physical body is well, but it also promotes a positive mind and soul so that you can lead a harmonious life.

In a traditional scenario, Reiki involves the transfer of universal life energy from the Reiki healer’s palms to the recipient. Nowadays, with technology, you can go for a distance Reiki healing session. A distance Reiki healing can offer you the same benefits as a physical Reiki healing session with a Reiki healer, along with the additional benefit of getting a session from the convenience of your home. You can find an online Reiki healer for a distance session on Astroyogi instantly.

How Can Reiki Healing be of Help?

The benefits of Reiki healing are given below-


  • Boosts Harmony


Reiki healing is very effective in promoting overall wellness. It helps to bring balance and harmony to your mind, spirit, and physical body. It enhances your body’s natural healing ability and works directly on areas causing the imbalance. This energises your body and promotes wellness, which ultimately helps you in leading a positive lifestyle.


  • Assists in Better Sleep


The most common benefit of Reiki is that it can offer the recipient relaxation. The deep relaxation that Reiki offers allows you to sleep better. When your body is relaxed and you are sleeping better, you get better clarity, you think more clearly, and your body heals better.


  • Releases Tension and Stress from the Body


A Reiki healing session offers you pure relaxation. During this time, you can clear your head and release whatever stress and tension you have. The energy transfer can make you feel calmer and lighter. This will enable you to have a clearer mindset and give you a chance to get in touch with your inner self and wisdom. This allows you to reflect better and make better decisions. Many people who have taken a Reiki healing session before have said that they feel lighter and more relaxed post the session.


  • Speeds Up Your Body’s Self-Healing Capability


What Reiki healing does is that it helps in returning the internal body levels to an almost natural-state by getting your body to function in the right way. This marks the shift from the stress-responsive ‘fight or flight’ mode. This means that your breathing, blood pressure circulation, and other bodily function become better. It ensures that your inner body levels are balanced. When your body is well-balanced, it automatically allows your body to heal itself better. When your body goes back to its ‘self-healing’ state, it begins to cleanse itself of toxic and useless energies. This allows your body to protect itself from exhaustion or immune system failure, or any other issue.


  • Improves Focus


Reiki ensures that you remain centred in the current moment. The positive energy transfer allows your mind to focus on the present time and to let go of your past regrets and stop worrying about the future. This helps heal the emotional or mental wounds, get over frustrations, and increase your mental clarity. All this equips you to handle situations and circumstances properly, especially those that don’t go according to what you envisioned.

Summing Up

Reiki healing is one energy healing technique that targets your entire being all at once. Reiki can ensure that you get maximum relaxation, freedom from stress, anxiety, tension, speedy healing, mental clarity, and overall a healthier body, mind, and soul by improving energy flow and balancing the energy. Reiki complements other medical and traditional treatments very well and can help the body to heal better. Additionally, Reiki healing can help you develop yourself spiritually.

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