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Reduce Your Lower Back Pain With These 4 Simple Steps - Likeitgirl

Reduce Your Lower Back Pain With These 4 Simple Steps

If you have been continuously experiencing lower back pain, you know how limiting your pain can be. While it may seem simple to relieve the pain with prescriptions, temporary opioids, medications, etc. Also, these medications cannot be permanently taken over physical therapy. Physical Therapy is the one way solution to prevent habit-forming dependencies on prescription medication and reduce the overall; health cost that the patient needs to pay for a pain treatment solution.

Now where the lower back pain has become a common health issue which can impact your health to functioning. Most people experience lower back pain which can make it hard to complete day to day tasks smooth and flexible. Sometimes it can become difficult to tolerate and patients use pain killers for temporary relief. Popping a pain killer can be more hazardous for patients’ health. Overconsumption of pain-killers can directly affect the health condition, but it can be prevented with the help of natural remedies – Physiotherapy. One of the most effective methods to reduce lower back pain is physical therapies and exercises. Some simple stretches can assist patients to improve functions and back aches.

Knee to Chest Stretch

Knee to Chest Stretch is a very effective and simple exercise which is extremely beneficial and good for the lower back muscles. It improves the flexibility and strength of the back muscles. You can quickly perform knee to chest exercise in just a few minutes. Do 10-15 minutes of stretching with each leg daily to control lower back pain.

Child’s Pose

Child’s pose also known as Balasana, is a yoga stretching pose beneficial for your lower back aches and pain. This pose will not just treat back pain and it will also provide you relief from neck pain as well. This stretching also strengthens the muscles of hips, knee, and thighs. If you have fatigue or stress problems then this child’s pose stretching can help you to reduce such problems.

Alternating Between Hot & Cold Remedies

Alternating hot and cold compresses or packs on your lower back will help to provide relief from potential pain. If you prefer one remedy over the other, it is not essential to alternate every time, but often alternating the two extremities can help provide a fuller range of benefits. Heat packs help to increase your circulation, improve blood flows and enhance blood cell properties. It helps block the painful signals originating from the nerves in your back to the brain. On the other hand Backpacks can enter the picture to rescue the ability of flexible movement and to reduce numb pain, halt spasms and reduce swelling in affected joints and muscle areas.

During physiotherapy, you will receive expert advice who are specialists in these ice and heating therapy, these remedies help rectify and muscle and joint dysfunctions of lower back to treat specific conditions. As a general rule, ice packs and heating pads are good all-around options, as both are effective, inexpensive and readily available.

Working Those Hamstrings

Hamstring muscles can play an effective role in controlling and over-stressing the lower back joints. When the upper back muscles or joints become too tight, lower back muscles have to work overtime, in order to compensate. Hamstrings stretching is the technique to lengthen those muscles and reduce tightness and strength of hamstring muscles. Hamstring muscles help to reduce spasm and soothe your lower back.


If you need any additional assistance to treat your lower back pain and reduce muscle tension, don’t delay and consult with dedicated physiotherapists to meet your health requirements and live a simple and quality lifestyle. Call medical professionals at Progressive Sports Medicine to get further medical assistance and treat lower back pain.

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