Redefine your home with the goodness of natural bamboo plates

If you love to decorate your home while keeping a parallel pace with the trend, then a crockery set is something you cannot afford to overlook. Many of us have a fascination for buying and collecting crockery sets, which we love to display and use during some special celebration of festivals at our homes. Not only that but also when these crockery sets find a place in our cupboards or drawing rooms, it adds to the beauty of our homes.

The most widely used crockery sets are earthenware, stoneware, porcelain (china), bone china, melamine, or vitrified glass. Each material has its own qualities, features, price points, as well as drawbacks. But the designs become old-fashioned with time, or they break at the slightest mishandling since most of them are fragile in nature. The long-lasting materials are usually of a high price. Thus affordability becomes a barrier to many. Also, it must be mentioned that we must have a proper understanding of its biodegradability and whether it is eco-friendly or not.

One of the materials nowadays used by many hotels, restaurants, and caterers to serve food is Natural Bamboo plates. Surprisingly, many households as well, are now switching to natural bamboo plates not only for serving food on special occasions but also are used daily. It is really interesting to know that the natural bamboo plates are on a trend right now, for which most people are choosing them over the other materials. A closer look at the nature and property of natural bamboo will reveal that the usage is not only because it is trending, but also, it has many benefits for the health of human beings and the earth as a whole.

Bamboos are evergreen perennial flowering plants in the subfamily Bambusoideae of the grass family Poaceae. Natural bamboo has been used in various ways by humans for a very long time ago. Bamboo is used in textiles, as a writing surface, as weapons, and as musical instruments in various parts of the world. Now, it is being used as natural bamboo plates.

Here is the goodness of natural bamboo plates, as follows:

  1. The durability of the natural bamboo plates is more

When natural bamboo is compared with plastic and other artificial materials, it is crucial to note that being a natural product, its durability is much more. This can act as a driving factor for the customers to choose natural bamboo plates over others. It is stronger and more flexible, and not fragile like other plates.

  1. Obtained without hurting any plant or animal

For people who think that using bamboo in manufacturing plates is done by hurting the plant or any animal, they should know that the bamboo used for manufacturing plates is the outermost and hardest cover of the plant, which is called the “sheath.” When the plant becomes old, the sheath dries off and falls off from the plant. The bamboo sheath is only then processed and used to manufacture plates. So, it is a plant and animal friendly.

  1. The natural bamboo plates are biodegradable in nature

  Many of us often get troubled when we decide to dispose of the existing plates or buy new plates against the old ones. We either sell it or simply dump it. After that, it takes a really long time for the plates to decompose. It may appear shocking, but some materials take as long as sixty years and more to decompose. This poses a great threat to the environment. The biodegradability of the natural bamboo plates again attracts the customers to choose it over the rest. They turn into compost within two to six months.

  1. The designs of the bamboo plates are appealing

The natural bamboo plates come in various shapes, sizes, and designs appealing to the eyes. These plates draw people’s attention when placed on the dining table, on the kitchen shelves, or in the cupboards of the drawing rooms. An additional feature is they are very lightweight and easy to handle. They require minimum care and caution, unlike other materials. Also, they are odour resistant and highly breathable.

  1. The ease of growth and cultivation of Natural bamboo

The Bamboo plant is very versatile. It can grow in different climates, and no high costs are incurred for its production. One interesting fact is, one need not replant the bamboo plant after they are harvested. They automatically regrow from the roots at a rapid pace.

  1. The natural bamboo plates are affordable

One of the most appealing factors for natural bamboo plates is that they are reusable and easy to clean. They can be cleaned with hot water and soap. Some are designed in such a way that they can be washed in the dishwasher as well. Also, disposable natural bamboo plates are very cheaper in price as compared to other materials. Hence, it is very much affordable.

  1. The usage helps in reducing pollution; hence it environmentally friendly

Today we witness many environmental problems, including pollution and the great use of plastics. We can curb this problem by making a few changes in our lifestyles and choices. The main reason for pollution is the overuse of plastic and other materials. If we use natural bamboo plates instead of the other plates, which are non-biodegradable in nature, we obviously contribute to saving the environment. These can convert into compost and enrich the land. There is no need to burn it or dispose of it in water bodies.

After going through the benefits, we can really realize why we used to switch to natural bamboo plates from now on. Not only will this add to the beauty of our homes, but also it will save the environment.



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