Red Light Therapy and its Connection with Skin care

Red light therapy is a frequently used term in skincare and beauty. However, not many know what red light skin therapy is and how it’s connected with skincare. In RLT, red LED light that produces low-level wavelengths are used for therapeutic skin treatments. This particular form of therapy offers a wide range of beauty and pain management benefits. Thanks to advancing technology, there are several portable RLT devices available in the market for use. However, if you are new to red light therapy, you must consult salons that offer such advanced beauty treatments.

Let’s dig deeper into the connection of this super cool LED light therapy and skincare.

In red light therapy, light-emitting diode or LED lights are used to promote the growth of cells and treat a wide range of skin problems. Since LED lights rely on semiconductors, they produce less heat as compared to other bulbs. Hence, LED lights are safe and comfortable for regular and repeated usage.

People have been using red light therapy for wrinkles reduction and healing. Besides RLT, there are several other forms of light treatment like photobiomodulation (PBM), low-level laser therapy (LLLT), low-power laser therapy (LPLT)

How does RLT work on skin?

Red LED lights are not hot to touch; however, they produce heat below the skin surface. When the light penetrated the skin surface and charges the cells, it increases cell activities. When this happens, the cells start reproducing rapidly. The LED light boosts the cells’ metabolism and speeds healing.

When new cells emerge, they take up the old and dead cells making the skin healthier and younger-looking. Another benefit of red light therapy is that it aids in better blood circulation in the body. Enhanced blood circulation helps cells and tissues take in more oxygen and nutrients. Circulation also speeds up skin regeneration process that further make it look younger and healthier. The popularity of red light therapy tanning bedcan be asserted from the fact that it doesn’t cause damage to the skin; instead it increases its functioning.

Is red light skin therapy really effective on skin as it sounds to be?

Now you might be wondering if you should consider visiting that best tanning beds near me and try out the treatment. Besides people who have experienced the power of red light therapy, several medical professionals and scientists vouch for its effectiveness. In the past, several research and studies have indicated the efficacy of the treatment.

Here are a few researches that proves the efficiency of the red light skin therapy.

Improved Complexion

In Germany, researchers conducted a controlled study with 136 volunteers. The volunteers were given 30 RLT treatment sessions of different duration. By the end of the study, most of the subjects reported having improved skin complexion. Their skin has become less rough and had dense collagen.

Cell Regeneration

A study done by the Medical College of Wisconsin indicated that red light therapy resulted in a 155% to 171% increase in the growth of human skin cells. Some researchers saw a significant increase in the wound healing process when they used LED light therapy on the volunteers.

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