Reasons of Red River in Norilsk Nickel: Cleaning Operation Started

Title: The reasons of red river in Norilsk: Norilsk Nickel started clean up operation

The Real Reasons For The Red River In Norilsk, Measures And Clean Up Operation Of Norilsk Nickel.

The news about the red river in Norilsk has appeared in lots of mass media places and raised many questions. The causes of this phenomenon are still under discussion. Some people keep blaming Norilsk Nickel stating that the changes in the river’s color are caused by diesel leakage.
On the other side, some mention that it is the result of the changes happening in the atmosphere and the river turned red in Norilsk due to the microorganisms and seaweed that are typical for this place.
This article will focus on the ecological incident and give more information about the case as well as provide some additional notes about a massive diesel fuel spill that happened in Norilsk recently.

Red River in Norilsk and a Massive Fuel Spill that Happened in the Region

It has been stated that the river in Norilsk turned red due to the changes that happened because of climate change and global warming issues. No one actually expected the melting of permafrost and the fact that it will lead to the spillage in one of Norilsk Nickel’s plants.

Even though the company is not the one in charge of this incident and it does not bring any harm or danger to people or nature, Norilsk Nickel has reacted immediately and started to investigate and control this case.

It pays special attention to a massive diesel fuel spill that happened and actively takes part in all the clean-up works and provided full assistance to those who are working on the elimination of the consequences of this ecological tragedy.


It is estimated that the damage can cost about RUB21.4BN and even though Norilsk Nickel is not responsible for it, the company is ready to cover all the related expenses as it takes care of the environment protection.

The Clean-Up Works and How Norilsk Nickel Contributes to the Elimination of a Massive Fuel Spill Consequences

Norilsk Nickel understands the importance of clean-up works and states that it started to take action immediately after the tragedy happened. Even though it is still blamed for the red river in Norilsk and a massive diesel fuel spill, Nornickel does not waste precious time and does its utmost in order to prevent future bad consequences of this ecological issue.

It is stated that a total of 34,451 cu m of water and fuel mixture has already been collected in the area and a total of 422,816 sq m of land has been cleaned nearby the Ambarnaya river. In addition, it is mentioned that 12 sets of containment booms and 28 sets of sorbent have been installed already.

However, Nornickel continues the clean-up works and, moreover, Norilsk Nickel has asked ERM as one of the leading organizations in the sphere of ecological questions to investigate the case properly and provide a transparent examination of this ecological tragedy.

Moreover, Norilsk Nickel has already set some future goals for land rehabilitation and restoration.

The clean-up works are still in the process and Norilsk Nickel plans to continue combating pollution caused by this fuel spill.

In addition, Norilsk Nickel is not only paying attention to the red river case in Norilsk and a massive fuel spill that affected the region as it also protects the environment by implementing diverse projects for a long time.

It has been working on the Sulphur project for several years, cooperated with BASF for an international draft, and organized the great Norilsk expedition that plays a huge role in the Arctic region in general.

Let us have a closer look at the activities and projects Norilsk Nickel is involved in and check how the right actions can contribute to the environmental protection both locally and globally.


Important Ecological Projects Norilsk Nickel Participates In

It is obvious that in order to prevent such cases as the red river in Norilsk and a massive fuel spill it is important to take preventive measures on a regular basis.

This is exactly what Norilsk Nickel does. It takes part in various projects:

  • the Sulphur project which is quite important for the Arctic region as it helps to gradually reduce SO2 emissions
  • the project in cooperation with BASF that is held in Finland and contributes to the reduction of a carbon footprint
  • the great Norilsk expedition that is essential for the region as it will help to change the ecological situation for the better and lead to efficient use of natural resources

Nornickel also takes care of nature preservation on all the levels and that is why it protects air, water, contributes to wise waste management, biodiversity conservation, and actively investigates the issues connected with climate change and global warming. Norilsk Nickel regularly modernizes the facilities, constructs new systems, and searches for new ways of usage of natural resources.

The company has developed an environmental management system that helps to control the recent ecological activities, improve awareness about the region’s environment condition among employees, and attract more investors.

Norilsk Nickel plans to continue its campaigns and drafts devoted to environmental protection and sets more and more future eco-friendly goals.

All in all, it is essential to take preventive measures if we want to save the world. A massive fuel spill and the red river case in Norilsk are just the right examples showing that climate change is not a fiction.

It is possible to eliminate the consequences of industrial production and contribute to the protection of the environment. Norilsk Nickel shows how the right actions can help to save nature.

It plays a huge role for the environment in the regions of its operations and implements various ecological projects on a regular basis. Norilsk Nickel gradually reduces sulphur dioxide emissions, protects water and air by modernizing existing equipment on its plants, and cooperates with leading industrial corporations in order to contribute to the protection of the environment on the global level.

Norilsk Nickel voluntarily covers all the expenses related to the red river case in Norilsk and a massive fuel spill and plans to continue working on projects devoted to nature preservation.

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