Reason of Rising demand for Artificial Jewellery in India

Jewellery is the most important part of every women’s life but as gold prices are keep on raising it becomes difficult for women to buy such a lovely thing.

Gold Prices are around 41000 per tola, for middle class and lower middle class it becomes a dream to buy a gold.

India is a Country of traditions and jewellery is one of the most important parts of this tradition.

What should a bride do now???

Does she cancels her wedding or wait for a while so that the prices of gold comes down but Do you think the prices of Gold can ever be come down after seeing massive inflation in the market.

The Alternative of this Yellow metal is Artificial Jewellery.

Today Various Top Jewellery Brands started shifting their businesses from Gold Jewellery to Artificial Jewellery after seeing the Potential in this sector.

In Today’s Scenario People Save less and Spend more and the mostly people become tech savvy and likes to spend money in Buying Mobile Phone, Laptop, Play station or anything related to technology etc.

People don’t have sphere money to spend on Jewellery but as we discuss above jewellery is the most important part of Indian Tradition people can go for artificial Jewellery.

Here you can find Top Indian Artificial Jewellery brands list.

Does Increasing Gold Prices and People Can’t afford it is the Online reason behind Buying artificial Jewellery?

The Answer to this Question is NO

People who can afford gold jewellery can also prefer buying Artificial Jewellery.

There are various benefits of buying Artificial Jewellery:-

  1. One of the obvious reasons of buying artificial Jewellery is its Cheap Price.
  2. No Risk of Getting Stolen, you can carry it with you while travelling without any tension.
  3. God Forbids, if your jewellery is stolen or you forget somewhere then there is no need to worry because this loss is not that much big than lose a gold jewellery.
  4. For every occasion you can go for different design jewellery.
  5. Because of its cheap price and royal design you can gift it to your loved ones without losing your budget.
  6. Sources said in India every artificial Jewelry Industry is Showing 25% compound annual growth rate.
  7. No need to consult astrologer, Jewellery studded with Precious stone hold a strong Superstitious or we can say strong believes in the minds of Indian consumer. If you are buying artificial jewellery then there is no need to spend money in consulting astrologer that this gemstone jewellery suits you or not.
  8. Can Buy Online without any hesitation because of its cheap price and fabulous design.
  9. Now a Days manufactures of imitation jewellery are become so much efficient in manufacturing that it become difficult for a normal person to identify that it is real one or fake one. The Person from Non-Jewellery field cannot easily identify it. This improves your standard in front of the people who don’t have knowledge about jewellery.
  10. Easy to repair, Sometimes it might happen that the jewellery gets damaged so in that case, we can give it for repairing without any fear of losing it.
  11. Earlier, the Kind of artificial jewellery was not skin friendly but now the brands and manufacturers are become more conscious regarding its quality.
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