Rachel Zoe is a designer, a businesswoman, and a star stylist, but most importantly, she’s a mother of two. And considering her constantly polished looks, it’s safe to say that she has found the formula for successfully balancing her work and family in style. This is why her advice can turn out to be helpful for so many young mums who just can’t seem to find enough time for themselves to get ready in the morning. But, with the following tips, you’ll see that looking stylish and cool is far from impossible, even with kids. 

Know your essentials

Basically, your goal should be to create a sort of uniformed wardrobe. Fill it with basics, but make sure that the cuts flatter your particular body shape extremely well. In that sense, you can have plenty of tops of different materials but the same kind of design that you know looks great on you. The same goes for pants and jeans – make it a point to have a few options in denim, wool, and cotton that are perfectly flattering. That way, it will be easy to throw something together, add a blazer or jacket, an accessory, and voila!

A touch of color and sparkle

In order to look stunning, don’t hesitate to get out of your comfort zone, even if it’s just a little bit. That said, you don’t need to wear only black or ditch the patterns completely. Actually, a touch of color here and there can really make a difference, especially as a layering piece. What’s more, don’t shy away from sequins and sparkle. You might not want to shine like a Christmas tree but when these are subtle and tasteful, they can really elevate the whole look and make it more glamorous. 

Keep it practical

As mentioned, your essentials should be cuts that suit you perfectly. However, don’t force yourself to wear uncomfortable materials either. In order to make things easier for yourself and maintain a polished look throughout the day, choose clothing pieces that are easy to move in and that don’t wrinkle easily. Make this a priority when you’re looking up comfy yet stylish mum’s fashion online in Australia or any other place where you might reside. It will make a huge difference. 

Baby gear can be fashionable

As a designer, Rachel Zoe is also known for her line of chic and fashionable baby gear that is very functional yet still look like extra accessories for a mum getup. Every mum deserves to look her best and sometimes, everything from your baby stroller to car seat and especially a fit-everything mum bag can transform your look; actually, these items can transform your whole presence, adding plenty of stylish points while keeping your child safe and comfy. 

Match timeless and trendy

In general, going for the timeless wardrobe is the best investment that you can make. After all, this means that you won’t have to worry whether something is old-school or not; not to mention that most timeless pieces are appropriate for various places and occasions. Also, you can always break the monotony and embrace the season’s trends with a couple of items. Remember, your main wardrobe should be timeless so never replace all your items with trendy clothes only. You can use the trends to your advantage and add a touch of personality to your fashionable outfits. 

When you know what you have, love and what looks good on you, it won’t take you as much time to get ready in the morning. Do yourself a favour and maybe even prepare some staple jewellery to bring your outfit to life every day. And, if you have some time for yourself in the evening, why not prepare your getup for tomorrow so that you can use the time in the morning to put more effort into your makeup or hair? 

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