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Quilting Books You Need to Check for a Great Experience

Quilting is a craft that you can enjoy in your free time and turn this skill into your hobby. But, as you might already know, even though quilting is a type of craft is not as simple as it appears. The art needs to be perfected with repetitive practice to bring perfection.

To bring this perfection, there are hundreds of books available in the online and offline market. It does not matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate, or a pro in quilting; books are available for all levels. Various books teach quilting and other books that inspire us towards quilting. Hence, it is challenging to decide which book you should be referring to or adding to your collection.

All you quilters don’t need to worry as we have brought along with us a list of top 10 quilting books and who these books are suitable for.

1) Beginner’s Guide to Quilting: 16 Projects to Learn To Quilt

The book’s name tells us that this is one of the best quilting books for beginners. This book put forward by Elisabeth Betts is one of a kind, and with 16 unique projects, the book opens the doors of quilting and patchwork for us. With its unique style, each project teaches us to quilt cushions, table mats, or wall hangings.

2) Quilting for Dummies

Another fantastic quilting guide for beginners is Quilting For Dummies. The name may be controversial to think of. Still, the book is a part of a book series related to craft and artwork called ‘Dummies.’ The author Cheryl Fall has used a friendly technique to provide useful quilting information. She has elegantly explained the use of perfect tools for time-saving purposes.

3) Quilting Step By Step

Quilting Step By Step by Maggi Gordon teaches the basics of patchwork and unique techniques with images’ help. The images and the step-by-step explanation act as guides for the beginners to understand the minute details related to quilting. With this book, most people discover a whole new style of quilting and patchwork.

4) Japanese Quilting: Piece by Piece

Japanese Quilting by Yoko Saito is one of the few books that inspire you towards quilting. The author has put forward her mastery of quilting through this book as she has combined some traditional patterns of quilting with her patterns of irregular shapes and designs. The assembly of these is a stroke of genius.

5)  The Quilter’s Bible: The Indispensable Guide to Patchwork, Quilting, and Applique

Many quilters have considered this book to be the Holy Grail for quilting by author Linda Clements as a part of their day-to-day life. This is a book that includes detailed information about the use and applications of quilting. This is for beginners and those quilters who have experience but wish to expand their skills and learn new techniques.

6) Modern Machine Quilting

Modern Machine Quilting is a book authored by Catherine Redford. This book is a guide for all those quilting lovers. With the help of this book, many people have turned towards modern quilting with their domestic machines. The book has an easy to understand format that has proven encouraging in many ways. If you are looking to start quilting with the sewing machine, this book can be of utmost help.

7) The Complete Machine Quilting Manual

Award-winning quiltmaker Joanie Zeier Poole has put forward this book, The Complete Machine Quilting Manual, with the motive of teaching the quiltmakers how to make efficient use of their sewing machine for quilting. The author has also explained how to handle various fabrics and their variable weights on the sewing devices. This is the perfect book if you are trying to learn decorative effects for quilting.

8) Journey to Inspired Art Quilting: More Intuitive Color & Design

An experienced and passionate quiltmaker Jean Wallis has authored the book Journey To Inspired Quilting. This book is an inspiration to the beginner crowd and a guide to the experienced quiltmakers. This book helps to trigger your intuition and directs you towards creating your designs by translating theoretical information into practical application,

9) A Complete Photo Guide to Art Quilting

The book is a visual guide and an instruction manual that helps you understand various details about art quilting. The book inspires you into creating your own art quilts. Susan Stein has written this book in order to guide quilters in a step by step manner with the help of colored images and the type of finish required on the quilts.

10) 500 Quilt Blocks: The Only Quilt Block Compendium You’ll Ever Need

The last book on our list is the best that we saved until the end. The content of this book is equally used for quilters, right from the beginners to the pros. 500 Quilt Blocks is a collection of 500 top quilt blocks from all over the world in one single book. Lynne Goldsworthy has introduced this book with the motive of addicting quilters towards the craft.

These are the books we think are best for you quilt makers, but, if you know about a good quilting book which is not mentioned in this list, you can surely make the right use of the book and spend your leisure time quilting,

With all the quilting knowledge that we have put together in this write up through the list of top 10 quilting books, we definitely want to see some of your quilts very soon.

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